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Life According to this PE Addict...

It's all in Who you know...

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I was introduced to Jamhot within my first month in PE/EU. I remember my first impression of him, he came across as very friendly and you could tell he had a great sense of humor.

At this early stage, Jamhot was just putting his society together and getting his feet wet with trading. He had an apartment in game he was trading from. I also remember all the armor sets all neatly laid out on the floor and he also created a dance floor in there. That was the beginning of what is now the hottest club on the planet side Club 3G!!!

Ahh!! and the introduction of the Art Gallery My first trip out to the Gallery was with Jamhot. We took our time and looked at each painting, discussing many of them. I was so excited for him when he acquired his first painting! 1 painting turned into 2, 2 turned into 3 and 3 turned into.... well I lost count actually Which reminds me.... I really need to get my ass to 3G and get my dancing shoes on.

It's been awesome watching Jamhot evolve into EU's media mogul. He's creative and always doing something to make EU a better place. I can't wait to see he's got up his sleeve!!

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason... we may not understand what that reason is, but in time you always seem to find the answers.
With that being said, The fact that I was introduced to Jamhot, that allowed me to meet Matt Mace, DJ Blunked, and Boldar Many great moments have been shared with these guys!!!

You guys ROCK!!!! just thought you should know

Updated 06-05-2008 at 02:59 by Vixen78

Life According to this PE Addict.


  1. Jamhot's Avatar
    Naaaah! YOU ROCK!!! , It's good being taken down memory lane i get so swept up in the here n now. Happy days and a great blog. Thankyou Vixen.
  2. Vixen78's Avatar
    Thank You JamHot You guys have made such a positive impact on my PE/EU experience!!! Simply Fantabulous!!!


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