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Importing of Diary Threads to EF Blogs Looks Promising

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I am in contact with the programmers of the software that powers EF, and it is looking more promising that we will find a solution to import existing diary threads into the EF Blog platform.

Just a quick update!
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  1. Lykke's Avatar
    WEEE if so .. i gotta hurry change a couple of stuff... keep us updated
  2. Cougar's Avatar
  3. Paolo's Avatar
    for 711!
  4. levithanikos's Avatar
    That would be SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET , ... THANKS 711!
  5. 711's Avatar
    Once I get my hands on the importer, and can be sure it will do what we need, I will make an announcement in the About EF forum. You will all have ample time to prepare your diaries for import.
  6. levithanikos's Avatar
    Come on 711 ...we need our Diaries back ...

    I know you can import existing diary into the EF Blog form faster! .... I can't wait to write in my Diary again!
  7. Paolo's Avatar
    Bumpity bump!


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