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  1. Dextar
    Oh dear, no monkeys

    Lets see if the monkeys will dance now!

    Much Better!

  2. Dextar
    For those of you are interested in entering the contest just go to this thread:

    1st Weekly EF Haiku Contest "HaikEU"

    read the instructions carefully and get to Haikuing!

    We got prizes AND loads of Dancing Monkeys!

  3. Oracle
    I'm in yes I am
    I am I am I am am
    At least I think so?
  4. RazorFire
    a quick point is made
    a story told in three lines
    cutting to the truth
  5. Doer

    Pinkish hopping blob
    rash bravado incarnate:
    my bread and butter.
  6. Dextar
    a new contest starts
    more haiku shall be composed
    wealth and fame the goal

    BTW the Voting Thread is Up here ---> 1st HaikEU Voting Thread Tell all your freinds!

    And Remember Shameless Self Promotion and Begging for Votes is not only Okey Dokey its Encouraged!

  7. Ilga Beck
    Ilga Beck
    Now the fun begins.
    Lets all talk in HaikEU and
    make the monkeys dance!
  8. Oleg
    I have joined this group
    Together we write haiku
    It makes us wiser
  9. Dextar
    The 2nd Weekly HaikEU Contest is underway: 2nd HaikEU Entry Thread Enter Today To Win Wealth And Fame!

    Good Luck all and don't forget to tell all your friends to Vote in the First Week's Contest: 1st HaikEU Voting Thread
  10. Traf Rellik
    Traf Rellik
    Yo, it's dynamic
    so don't sweat the small stuff, dude...
    Let the monkeys dance.
  11. Malacalypse
    new member to group
    very nice to have found you -
    I wrote this in haste
  12. Dextar
    Everyone Gratz Oleg First Winner of the Weekly HaikEU contest. Oleg not only won 1000EFD but a special Ingame Prize Package!

    Prize: "Noob Enhancement Kit" which includes

    • 500 Sweat (to impress all your noob friends with your leet sweat gathering skills)
    • 5 Dung so you can prove that "You do indeed know shit about EU!"
    • a very used set of Female noob clothes so you can brag about how you talked some innocent young Noob right out of her clothes.
    • And finally 5 PED so you can buy all your Noob Friends drinks and regale them all with your Noob exploits!
    And of course if you are not a noob then you can just sell it all and buy more ammo!
  13. Dextar
    FYI the 2nd HaikEU Voting Thread is up!

    And as always Shameless Self Promotion and Vote Schmoozing is Expected and Encouraged!

    Good Luck to all the Entrants!
  14. Oleg
    Thanks Dex, this prize takes me back to my OJ days... I'd have preferred it if you gave me the girl and kept the clothes though
  15. Dextar
    The 3rd Weekly EF Haiku Contest "HaikEU" Thread is up! This Weeks Theme is "First Trip to CND" Review rules before posting!
  16. dataspice
    "When in Rome..." they say-
    So I write five, seven, five
    Now, how do I stop?
  17. Dextar
    I'm late posting this but the 4th Weekly EF Haiku Contest "HaikEU" is up. Only a couple entry spots left.

    Theme is "Hunting Snables" Review rules before posting!
  18. Oleg
    Time for a new one?
    I am looking forward to
    Writing more haiku.
  19. Dextar
    The HaikEU Contest is over, at least it is with my involvement. Too little time to devote to it (Our family got bad news from the Doctors and now we have many days of treatments and hospital trips to deal with) and too much flack from people who didn't even participate. If one of you would like to continue the contest then please do. I'll even throw some EFD into the Contest coffers occasionally.

    Thanks all for your participation.

  20. dataspice
    I'm sorry to hear about your family medical concerns. I'm wishing all the best to you and your and hope for a speedy recovery.
    ~ Kiddoe
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