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  1. Chrome
    Entropia Planets & Donations

    I am considering doing the EP Event Partner Agreement in order to bring in a few peds to help with the VCC prizes. Would anyone have a problem with having VCC Registration on EP only (not here on PlanetClaypso Forum)?

    Also, I really do not want to ask for a fee for this event, but would a small voluntary donation of 10-20 ped be out of the question to help subsidize prizes?

    Lastly, any donations over 50 ped would be considered "sponsors"... this could include societies, land owners, shop/store owners. service providers, etc.

    Any thoughts/opinions/feedback?
  2. Miles
    I don't have a problem registering there (I have an account), but I don't go there very often, so updates and reminders here are important.
  3. Chrome
    That's the plan, Miles... registration and course info would be there on EP, but I would also provide updates here on PCF.
  4. Chrome
    Anyone else with thoughts/opinions? (thanks Miles)
  5. Dusk
    I've asked the question on the thread how much it costs to advertise in the Entropia Times magazine, as it is one of the obligations you'd be signing up to. If this turns out to be more than the 'donations' that you receive over the course of the year (which for the VCC series could be half that of the more regular events) then you need to decide whether what they're doing is worth paying out.

    Other than this, I can't see why you wouldn't want to join this scheme.
  6. Dusk
    Scratch the above. Lykke has posted to say that there is now no obligation to advertise in Entropia Times, but you will be given a single free ad.

    Sounds to me like joining the scheme can only help the event.
  7. Chrome
    Thanks Dusk, I'll check Lykke's updated info
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