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  1. Miles
    FYI: I submitted a support case suggesting the elimination of Faucers and the reduction of Trox and Merps from the Chugg's Hideout track, as it is unusable in it's current state. I took 5+ hits per lap, every lap :O

    Perhaps a few more would help.


    p.s. I made a similar suggestion for the area around an outpost between Athena and Notus, where trees were cleared, but the mobs are deadly
  2. Chrome
    Yeah... killer mobs on a race track are BAD, m'kay?
  3. Miles
    Chugg's has a TP now
  4. M Rufen Power
    M Rufen Power
    ^_^ yes good tp being there, but now landscape has changed a lot, old city gone .
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