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Hello Americans...

  1. mycokerewards
    Surprised no one else before me has made an USA social groups. Wonder why? Well, welcome to the social group, if you have just joined it. I've seen Canada, Estonia, Norway (2 of 'em), Holland, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Australia, Portugal, and Russia, but no USA group. Either see parts of the US or the USA WoF group. So, I have created this new group. Feel free to join!
  2. MindStar9
    Hello there ... thanks for the invite to this social group. I'll check in as often as I can to see what's happening.
  3. kpward
    Hello All. Nice to be able to chat with you all. Will check in on everything...

    darri (kpward)
  4. mycokerewards
    Hello. Going to get more people here. Feel free to advertise this group. I will try inviting others. Thanks for accepting the invites....
  5. Fuega
    Thanks for the invite.
  6. NavadaDucrot
    Thanks for the invite Nice to meet all of you
  7. domchristopher
    Thanks for the invite as well . Perhaps people assumed that the US player base was large enough to break into sections (West Coast, East Coast.. etc)?
    So... any plans for this group? ^^
  8. AlphaGeek
    Well, you know "those Americans"... LOL

    Thanks for the invitation!
  9. Buck Wyld
    Buck Wyld
    hiya everyone!
  10. Silver Ice
    Silver Ice
    Oh noes! Not "those Americans!" Oh, wait...ehm...

    Hi everyone! Group hug?
  11. Fericious
    thanks 4 thr invite. And i will try and check in every so often.
  12. Blackjack
    Hello my fellow Americans! I'm a naturalized Texan originally from California and currently living in S. Korea! Thanks for the invite and I expect you'll be seeing a bit of me lounging around in here... It already feels so much like home!

  13. Vixen78
    Thanks for the invite! I'll do what I can to contribute
  14. mycokerewards
    Try advertising to other people; I've tried currently all members of the smaller parts of the US social groups. I haven't found any territory people, yet.By the way, I was born on Guam (a territory) and now live in Cary, North Carolina.

    As for 'plans', I actually don't know right now. It's a new social group, still getting new members. Everyone is welcome to share their ideas. Yes, I was born on the Forum in January this year. In EU, if you do see me, you will most likely assume I'm a noob; but, I'm not a depositer and I am relatively new to EU, actually was off for a few months a couple months ago. So, I will try my best to help manage this group.

    And for people who thought the American count in EF was going to be big, I did think of that, along with other stuff.
  15. Thorn
    Hi all! I`m also in the East Coast group but lived out west for quite a while too so this group suits me just fine! Hey there are no taxes in here are there? lol
  16. SoftHart
  17. Mystrin
    Ahoy! Thanks for the invite.
  18. jw350
    Hi All thanks for the invite to the group.
  19. RexExtreme
    Hi, thanks for the invite! I will check in later too to see what is goin on. Nice Idea this group is. Nice to meet all of you, however some of you I know!
  20. Heap
    Yo Peeps! Thanks for the invite to the group!
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