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What style do you love!

  1. Kaotic85
    Now don't take the title the wrong way... I refer to music style, ie: Hard Style, Mellow or Funkie as funk!

    So post your most beloved song here, either post the name and producer or make a link to youtube.

    Supa keen to hear what other people listen to, I know I'm not the only that loves the pounding of the BASS....

    PS: try not to reference this post as sexual content...

  2. Eduardo
    -Few Hardstyle

    Although I usually prefer mixes that combine more than one genre. E.g. Techno House, Happy Trance, and even Electro House.

    Hit Lema - Dj Next and Max Farenthide- Number One has probably got to be my all time favourite.

    What´s yours?
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