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Magazine still operating?

  1. Ranavolana
    Nothing seems to have happened for such a long time

    Does the magazine still exist - does anyone contribute anymore?
  2. GeorgeSkywalker
    I don't think it exists anymore
  3. Ranavolana
    Are all the good things in the past

    Is it a dystopian elife we are all living now. All the muses are dead & the best we can hope for is semi literate retardedness in Planet Forums (not all, just most).
    I know there are awesome story tellers still about - how come they are silent
  4. GeorgeSkywalker
    Well theres
    Some articles on there. There is still entropia planets they write some articles.
  5. Ranavolana
    Interesting link, thank you George.
    I have a question to put to Soc people - I have given up on moderators, I suspect I am on their shit list.

    Can anybody help me in setting up a Blog please - I think I have overlooked a vital step
  6. Ranavolana
    Found the vital step, - maybe I will just op[erate under a half life of Blog entries without the Blog
    sadly seems stories are dead
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