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Tailoring and Textures

  1. SoftHart
    Welcome all I have been crafting since I start EU over a year ago. It has been a slow process mostly because I find the process really boring. I usually craft what I can with the materials I loot, with isn't much. Looking forward to seeing pictures and your advice for others starting out.
  2. SoftHart
    LOL well this group has taken off Hi Nevada
  3. Eelco
    Hey all.
    im the new newbie texture crafter!
    almost level 6. been crafting it for a week now i guess..
    will keep you updated!
  4. Eelco
    It's deeaaddd in here..
    reached level 7 today!
  5. SoftHart
    WOW how much texture you go thru a day and which ones you using?
    ohh and Welcome
  6. Eelco
    i craft about 500-700 ped generic leather textures a day.

    and sometimes i choose a random lvl 1 or 2 bp and craft 50 ped on em..

    level 7.5 now.
  7. Eelco
    level 8
    and a 124 pedder on generic leather textures
  8. Eelco
    level 9
    and a 114 pedder a few days ago :P

    i also have some Oxidiced Lysterium textures for sale. tt=84 ped ( 265 pieces or so )
  9. SoftHart
    WOW give that bank account a rest
  10. Eelco
    well i don't think my bank account will get any rest untill i unlock bpc.
    if you want something.. you gotta work hard for it ^^
  11. Eelco
    Level 10!
    and bleuprint comprehension!!
  12. SoftHart
    anyone up to level 31?
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