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Current mining problems that needs attention

  1. Futurama
    Ok, since no one is posting anything here yet i will start.

    So The current problems:

    1. Skills are almost useless

    Example: i`m chiping out surveyor related skills from time to time, just to keep level 30 and MT1000 maxed. Besides a bit of extra HP there is no point in advancing in professions. I don`t mine that much ores, but i`m fairly sure there are players who keep skills required to just max of-105 or of-211 (L) or whatever that works to search for high markup common ores (narc and similar for example).

    Same goes drilling/mining prof. I for one, use TT extractors to save peds. Some say, that time is more valuable, but still with most material prices i`m not using big amps anyway and usually stick to 101 and occasional 102 or 103 if i can get a good price. Even if you need bigger extractors - there SGA edition ones, 201, 201 L that have very low req.

    2. Events

    Old topic about hunters getting all the major events. I don`t want to bash MA - i understand that: 1) hunting is the biggest profession 2) its really hard to make up a decent mining event or missions.

    3. beacons, strange signals

    We can just assume that it is "work in progress". Anyway, i for one haven`t heard about it anything, so i think we can also assume that it is very far away from actually coming back, so it could worth giving some ideas to MA.

    4. SOOTO

    IMHO its one of those things that looked cool as an idea, but failed when implemented. The problem as i see it is that they are rare (not neceserally a problem though) and the only thing you can get are 2 types of materials. Actually, more like hansidian only (could be just me, but i really don`t remember when did get scales last time, not in vu 10 thats for sure).
    UL mining amps are ultra rare - might as well go hunt big spiders and hope for a MM drop or eon foot guards, harness...
    DNA parts - i would say they don`t exist anymore.

    99% sure i forgot something obvious here, so i`ll edit later, when it is posted by someone

    P.S. I feel that this is in no place to rant about poor loot or anything like that, so please leave those kind of comments to yourselves... This is about making mining better, more interesting etc.

  2. Futurama
    Reserved for future
  3. Peezle
    Interesting and thoughtful post.

    Having been playing for 6 months now and cycling peds pretty well in this time, I feel I have a grip on some of the pitfalls and possibilities that is mining in EU. Heading near lvl 30 prosp I see how higher and higher skills don't link much with the increase in higher returns from high MU ores ( though a problem connected with the problems of the crafting system too ) or find frequency.

    Having used 104 amps almost entirely, I have been probably as fortunate as most players who play / pay as much as I do. So no real complaints about net income as a whole - it is my foolishness to use amps if I so choose and lose. But to relate ( not answer ) to some of your main points

    Skills - Let them count in some clear and noticable way, as skills ( the basis of the career persuit foundation of the game ) seem to in other areas of the game.

    Beacons - They should be reintroduced and linked possibly to your point about quests / missions. Let miners CRAFT a beacon, a dynamic multi-layered ( and therefore different each time ) beacon from sub-beacons that other miners cotntribute to the whole, either through a graded TT value given to each miner who adds ( sells ) the element or for them to save and play in soc or from FL. Let miner #1 and #2 and so on connect their bits to a single expensive but engaging final product. This will reward the miners with peds, recognition, and future fun.

    SOOTO - I have to conflict here out of simple experience. I have found 2 lots of Scales in my 6 months, which is a nice find, but again, why can't it be some element of something bigger ( and decent return ) instead of being lifeless? - the finds are dull as random ores.

    Quests in General, the idea of team mining etc - so many possibilities here that the mind boggles. It is not a case of the potential for good and noticable improvements, it is the will, imagination, and desire of the developer that holds back the progress. This is a deeper flaw to the whole game IMO.

    The concept of rarity - this is not always a bad thing for us of course, to find that crazy item everyone wants, whatever it might be. It has a place, but when these things are integral to the player's perception of their OWN progress, then we have a problem. A hunter chasing EON has to have the same realistic hope as the miner after a XXV - it must be visible enough in the game to make it reasonable, not nigh on impossible. Rarity implies availability to a few, not just a handful and for a vibrant gaming community, we need to SEE that these things ( Beacons - or parts therof ), armour parts, and Big finds or WHATEVER is ingame theoretically exist on a regular enough basis to be available, if only as a maybe and not a definite thing. Now many things do not appear and we all focus on one aspect which is selfish - just PEDS. Mining should never JUST be about peds and therefore let us forge some common goals from linked finds and activities.

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