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Save the date...

  1. Chrome
    I am thinking of holding the next VCC on Sunday February 27th...

    WoF is Sunday March 5th and 20th, and the Death Race is on the 12th which would interfere with Saturday practice runs. So, if we don't race on the 27th, we'd have to wait until the end of March to do this next course I have set up.

    Sound good?

    I'll most likely post the info by this Saturday to begin the registration process. - C
  2. Photon
    That date would have been perfect, except I'll be away skiing. I'm free the previous weekend.

    Did you manage to get sponsorship for the event? Seems like the rug was pulled from under your feet with the death race ... sponsored by MA. It's like they took advantage of your fantastic idea and monetised it. Shame really ... but I'd love to win a helicopter or tank, so I've entered.
  3. Chrome
    I'm working on sponsorship and media coverage through, but I will still need some additional help through donations from other community members if at all possible. I'll post this in another thread.

    Yes, MA/FPC/SDS/WTF/LOL did not get back with me about sponsorship, and for whatever reason it seems they have put all their eggs in the "Meculus Basket". To be honest, I feel the only reason they are providing such large prizes for events that Meculus is organizing is because by their very nature, participants spend lots on decay, weapons, ammo, armor, equipment, etc. That "Golden Carriage" contest encouraged people to spend shitloads of ped on their vehicles, and this Death Race should be a decay fest. (I'm attempting to change all that with Team NOSA)

    More money spent on an event = more money for MA/FPC/SDS/WTF/LOL

    I believe I sent you a Team NOSA invitation, please PM me if you did not receive one.
  4. Photon
    I did get the invite to NOSA and I understand your motives well. I can't join though because I'll be armed to the teeth and most of my soc will be out on the course to offer protection ... I may just fire off a few rounds if provoked.

    Additionally, I have a feeling "the shaolin axe" will be making an appearance. It's at tier 1 now with 304 damage with enhancers.
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