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Hello Americans...

  1. mycokerewards
    Mal, at least you are another person from North Carolina. Found only a couple others. Welcome back to Entropia. And GL in college.

    As for you lilac, there are exactly 186 social groups! well, at least for now. Though many are dormant, I guess. As for those groups based off geography and were you are from and live, there are 19 of them. As for other groups that deal with our country, their are 5: Texans; East Coast USA; West Coast US, Entropians; Midwest USA Group; and New Yorkers.

    I am also sorta surprised that even since we are pretty new, we have the 3rd most members out of all of the 186 social groups. We are currently holding 92 members.

    And, how was everyone's Easter holiday? Mine went pretty well, nothing out of the ordinary.
  2. Bortog Donuts K
    Bortog Donuts K
    Hello from Sin City! Thanks for the invite and I will do what I can to help out in the group!
  3. lilac
    My easter can not compare to Easter when I was kid... I visited my grandmother is the hospital (dementia), and then played a Pokemon game on Nintendo DS with my 7 year old little brother

    How did yours go?
  4. CyanIdMako
    Hello thanks for the invite don't know how you guys knew I was an american I guess I have a stalker... or 95
  5. mycokerewards
    Hey everyone. Haven't been on for a while, and may not be on again for a while either. Sorry for the inconvenience. Cya later.
  6. Jessa711
    Reviving this thread I suppose...
    *need somewhere Billy can't stalk me!!!

    Warren, Michigan here

    Pleasure to meet you all )

  7. Fericious
    Hi All forgot I had joined this group or been invited. From West Virginia here myself.
  8. loquita2
    hello bronx, NY here. hehehehe YAY
  9. amandaboo12
    hello everyone

    Colorado here!
  10. Cinni
    04-11-2009 04:39 - permalink

    "I'm a USAsian, too. Plus, an USAmerican Indian. And, a European. I'm mixed. Confusing, yeah. I guess I'm a mutt."

    Ok, haven't been here in forever...never saw this. You misunderstood, i am American (USA-ian)...not Asian lol! I too am a mutt though.

    Is this group dead???
  11. Rvalldrgg
    Guess I should say who i am/where i'm from...been in the group for nearly a year and nary a word from me

    18 (19 in a month :P ), and a tad bit west of Lansing, Michigan.
  12. JavierChavez
    Thanks for letting me in the group. USA players ftw! Chicago representin!
  13. MadMarlin
    Hi everyone! Any of you interested in buying my avatar? I want to give someone in the U.S. first crack at getting my avatar. I have to sell out because of no job... even after one year and I just don't have the money, time or interest anymore. Plus the wife is getting a little peeved at me being unemployed and playing this thing. In general I believe I have over 220k skills and depending on the interest in buying the avatar I'll put together a more detailed/itemized list. Just PM me if your interested.
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