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  1. Simon God
    Simon God
    Hello fellow singles, is it here I can meet all the lovely EU ladies?
  2. amandaboo12
    I like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners lol jk jk
  3. Manique
    I'm new to the group I guess....
  4. cuilwenevey
    I just realized i signed up in to the group. But never really took the time to introduce myself. I think all can be said on my profile and links i have there.
    One question that may come up is "am i looking?" answer " don't know " but the door is open but in the mean while I just enjoying playing EU and ready through the forum.
  5. NavadaDucrot
    I y'all! How has everyone been? Planning a Europe trip. Well Holland & Sweden. Anyone want to get together for a beer?
  6. RexExtreme
    Hiya! New to the group...Nice to see some familar faces!
  7. LeeLoo Faith
    LeeLoo Faith
    Welcome Rex, but this message board is not so active, cuz you dont see when something new is in here, better post in the thread.
  8. fuss
    hey all,
    new comer here.
    so there's a thread related to this group?
  9. Jacke_liten
    Hello all singles =)
    Im new, but I will try to attend to the meet-ups in the near future
  10. Vhailor
    I hope nobody minds i joined. =)
  11. Dcmight
    Hey i just Joined, figured i'd post something here but it looks as thought its not very active :\
  12. nitrorius
    yo mad Dane here ;P , why not ;P
  13. XeroX2
    hi Dc ^^
    yeah this group seems to be going very slowly...
  14. Kaotic85
    Hi all, Joined the group after I seen it just to state the fact I'm single and have been for aver 2 years now, too many video games maybe lmao, so if this is the case then I figure I should try find a gamer chick.
  15. M Rufen Power
    M Rufen Power
    Hi I thought I'd join & I've been single now since... 2005 :P. Btw has anyone in this group now got a partner? Maybe some of the older group members when you first joined found anyone '^^? Anyways not really looking for anyone atm, dont have much time to give .
  16. LeeLoo Faith
    LeeLoo Faith
    hehe Rufen, dunno if you have to leave the group when you find someone or not..*lol*
  17. M Rufen Power
    M Rufen Power
    I wonder if any single ladies need a gd cook, gd cleaner & a gd listener

    PS: still single btw *insert any random emote you like here*
  18. M Rufen Power
    M Rufen Power
    Keeping this group alive with a bump as I'm still single, are you sinlgle & play EU? Then join us!!
  19. kobar
    Hello everyone.... Single here and loving it
  20. LeeLoo Faith
    LeeLoo Faith
    subscribed to this discussion just in case anything will be posted here again anytime .. lol
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