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  1. dataspice
    I'm curious about what "flack" you could have received for a fun (and poplular!) idea.

    I'll miss it. /emo crycry

    Oleg, does Entropian Events have an official position regarding EF contests?
  2. Traf Rellik
    Traf Rellik
    It is with sorrow
    That we hear of your problem
    Best wishes, always

  3. Oleg
    Only just read this
    Sorry to hear your troubles
    Wishing you the best

    Phoebe, I've done a few EF contests in the past but just little one-off things. Time is short enough without having to run an ongoing Haiku contest too, I'm afraid.
  4. RazorFire
    I'll try and get things going if i get time, really enjoyed the HaikEU contests
  5. Alcante Residus
    Alcante Residus
    Just comed back from Twins..
    Sun of summer so shiny..
    Those argos are hot..

  6. Dextar
    Hey all I am back to EU and playing again I thought about the Haiku and maybe will try the Contest again but in the meantime I started a Haiku thread if you all are interested. Haiku EU Rounderif you all are interested have a go. its Haiku with a twist. you have to use the LAST word of the last haiku in the thread to start your new Haiku. Used to do it on another forum and it was a good bit of fun. knutherklou

  7. Jayne
    What a wonderful Idea! Why did'nt you tell me about it sweety?
  8. mastermesh
    Loot has gone south fast.
    Balancing manager sucks.
    Bring back pre vu ten.
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