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It feels like your whole body has slowed down. Brushing your fingers against your face, and the sensation sits there for minutes, not moments afterwards. The disconnect you feel with unmodified reality is never present. You're always here, always now, always behind these eye experiencing this. You're not given to rapid movements, although your response times and your reflexes are undiminished. It just seems right that things should be taken slowly, with care, and pride should be put into the little things as well as the big, important things. Your pressing worries are put into perspective, made manageable - and you do manage them, with the same inpenetrable calm that you do everything else.

You're more alert. You're more attentive. You're more real. You're much, much closer to assuming control of your body rather than having it control you. Your cravings just dissapate. It takes an effort of will to remember to eat - the first thing you know of your plummeting blood sugar levels is a wave of fatigue, never hunger. Or thirst. Sex, well, I can't say that I've ever tried anything on modified time. It doesn't make you more selfish, it's just that the hours you win back from yourself are spent alone: there's no-one else around courteous enough to keep your schedule.

Some of us come off obsessive-compulsive, some autisitic. But those tendencies were there already.

A tiny tweak to the chemistry of the mind and everything feels...different. More real. Things are easy to grasp, easy to understand and manipulate. Words flow: sentences fall into place with an ease you've never known before. Puzzles become transparent. Complex systems become streamlined ideas.

Modified time. You don't just win four hours back from sleep. You get another two which you might have used to sleep in, or have wasted watching the idiot box. And then you get the entire day with these effects of modified time. Mid-morning feels like the afternoon, and you can luxuriate in the time that you have ahead of you. And it stretches, complete, and undiminished, until late into the night.

Then you need another dose. There's no high, there's no crash. What I've described my sound like a high, but it's not, it really isn't. It's not euphoric. But it is incredible.


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