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A new mission, Swunting

by Staffas on 02-25-2010 at 12:06
I have skilled abit since last time I wrote something.
Current skills are:
Laser pistol hit: 63
Range laser dmg: 60
Evade: 34
Paramedic: 30

I decided to start a new mission:
Sweat and swunt my way from 0ped to 100ped (in items and ped value)

I do have peds so this is maily a "fun" way to try out a modified n00b experience.

Since I have the peds I will aslo buy the sweat I gather from the experiment,

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A new update

by Staffas on 03-26-2009 at 02:23
Totaly for got about this Blog.

So where am I at currently:
lvl 47 hit (laser pistol)
lvl 43 dmg (laser)
lvl 23 Evade
lvl 23 Paramedic

well the 4 unlocks

What do I currently do:
Atm I am hunting Atrox at LA40 with hl14 (L)+A104. I tried with XR90, A105, Apsis but in the end I get the best returns with hl14 (L)+104 so I have to stick to that.

I did a check this morning on about

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New goals

by Staffas on 09-02-2008 at 11:44
A few days ago I decided that i want to acheve a few things in EU, and fast

I want:
* 130hp
* lvl 40 laser pistol hit (unlock coolness)

So yesterday I started off with lvl 36 laser pistol hit and 122hp.

Best way to get HP is for me to hunt with melee weapons. I have enver done this before so this will raise my HP quite fast. This will also increase my strength that is on 10 after over 1 year of playing.

To raise my pistol

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General updates

Random update

by Staffas on 08-24-2008 at 00:44
Its been a while since I updated the Blog now.
Had a 2 week vacation in sweden with no EU what so ever so there was not realy anything to report in here.

So what am I currently working on:

* Completing a Longu coat/outfit
* Hunting Atrox without armor
* Hunting Itumatrox with armor
* New team hunt idea with PopFuzz


The coat is coming along great, I now have almost enough textures for 2 fields and i know

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General updates

Sumary of comps, and a new start

by Staffas on 08-04-2008 at 00:23
Havent posted for a while, basicly I havent had time since I have spend so much time hunting.

At the time of my last post I was 20points behind Oleg with about one day to go.
I decided to take a full day of hunting and skipped work that last day of the comp.
The plan was that since it was a saturday Oleg would also be off, he would hunt argo and I would hunt scip for the whole day, globaling at the same times and I would close in with 2 points for each global.

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Longu Hunts

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