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    Hai Jaywalker, KlowN told me you might be interested in some old bps. At work atm, but will send a pm soon with the items
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    Hiya Jaywalker! I need to send you the second half of my PM, but your inbox is full You need to delete a few so I can send the rest of the message
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    I can jump on anytime until about 1400MA tonight.
    Can get on after 000MA as well.

    P.S. Empty your inbox.
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    Hi wizzszz ,

    How strange, after noticed Oleg was tired with ppl dont want to notice about their absence for the last EUWBC, i made a post in the EUWBC thread to support him , simpling saying thanks for his work and adviced to forget the troller by saying " Troller can go to hell" without referred anyone. Then a guy neg rep me , and guess what? his name is wizzszz. lol i didn't even know about who you are, but now i know. And i told you what, more than a troller, you are a fcking retard, i tell you

    My advice for you :

    1) get a life
    2) enjoy

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    lol, Jay, here you hide your conversation with me? It is normal that you post your replies in the other ones profile (at least that's how "View your conversation with XYZ" works... but who knows, the forum might have it wrong, too? ) - that's the only way to make sure i get notified!

    You still need to send me that link to that ominous post #57, even if it has absolutely no relevance here: chipping (OUT, not IN) was not the CAUSE, but the EFFECT.

    And you don't even remember that you did this: "jumping on a thread..."??? Go check the thread.

    Oh, and hell yes - you do hold a personal grudge (not that i'd care though) - but i know why you can't admit it:
    Because you perfectly know that there is no reason - at least not a reason you dare to post.

    And "troll" - people call me troll for exactly one reason only: To invalidate what i said about them, because it was too painful, too close to the truth. Someone calling me "troll" tells so much more about himself than about me.
  6. And once more, I do not bear a personal grudge. I think you are a troll, and said so. Reson being: you deliberately twist what people say, to inflame things, exactly as you did in that thread and countless others. You are perfectly well aware that peopl e call you a troll (it's in your sig!) and why. So you are twisting this too, to make ypurself look like some kind of innocent victim of personal hatred.

    Well, coming over to my visitors page to harangue me isn't making you look any less of a troll!
  7. For crying out loud, Wizz. post #57 , as i already said. If you still see the word "out" not "in" ,try getting a mate to read it for you. As for Oleg not answering you: You can't expect everybodt u call out to answer you, because we all know that you never dry up. Doesn't mean he's in the wrong.
    "Jay, seriously, jumping on a thread where you haven't posted before, just to "warn people" is a strong aversion"
    and which thread did i do that in? No don't tell me, if i ever did at all it must be ancient history by now.
    In THIS case, I had posted several times in same thread, then posted to correct a mistake...which wasn't your mistake, but you propagated it, And you're STILL doing so. Sheesh. what's the big deal about it?
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    *** Part 2 ***

    Jay, seriously, jumping on a thread where you haven't posted before, just to "warn people" is a strong aversion (if you want to avoid the term "hate").

    However, i find it a bit over the top that you still hold a grudge... you had trouble understanding my point, i think me might have negrepped eachother, but that's about all i remember. If i miss something vital, let me know, otherwise i think you should chalk it up as "settled" (no, not just "drop" it, it will surface sooner or later again) - it's up to you... as far as i am concerned: 24 hours from now i don't even remember who i negrepped today, or why, or who insulted me today - it's simply not worth it.
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    Which quote mentioned chipping in? I haven't seen such a post, yours was the only one mentioning "chipping IN" - it is, however, wrong - read the thread, it clearly states "chipping OUT". And this post IS still there.

    And no, Oleg perfectly knew that as i called him out on it.

    But fine, no hairsplicing, let's just say you had one or two more beers more than you should, or you have simply misread it - it's not constructive to point fingers and try to find out who to blame.

    *** Part 2 follows ***
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    Jay, you still don't get it - post #57 does not apply:

    Nobody chipped in - Alaina had to chip out, to avoid being disqualified.

    READ what you comment on, FFS!

    (and trust me, it's hard to not throw a "neener" your way, but i will resist... for once.
    You should try to get over your little aversions - it's not like i was killstealing an exa from you or some other unforgiveable malicious deed... i just didnt share your opinion, how silly is it to hate someone for that?)
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