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    Hey Doer,

    Ur inbox is full, when can we meet?
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    Heya Doer,

    Ill buy ur overcharged A204 for ur asking price of 11.

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    Doer has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

  4. Hi Huskie

    The level vs. TT formula isn't a single function and is rather a mess probably want to use an approximation function or download a series of level, tt values from the calculator and using a linear approximation based on that data. I will delete a PM and you can ask follow-ups that way.
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    Hey, there, man. I'm trying to come up with a spreadsheet that calculates skillgains and other stuff, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the skill level vs. TT value formula. Could you lend me a hand please? I tried sending you PMs but apparently your inbox is full. If you prefer discussing this in-game just let me know your full avatar name so I can send you a friend request, or we can do it here in the forums via PM or visitor messages.

    Oh, and Happy New Year!
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    Hi thanks for the EFDs very nice of u
  7. Already done.
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    yes, very nice idea. Ive been asking Marco and Hanne about this, would prolly help alot if others did too, so please ask hanne.
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    Doer has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
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    are what? where are you oO
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About Doer

Basic Information

About Doer
Full ingame name:
David "Doer" Falkayn
Muddlin' Through
Grad school
Real-world Gender:
Entropia Gender:
Entropia Address:
Resident of Platinum towers in TI City, 8th floor apt C

Lurek Kolo Kwasnica - ex relics member (scammer)
Li Liliane Ka
Zwierzak Daro GD

2014.09.06 Replaced sig quote [QUOTE=Doer;3186431]Sigh. Really? Regen nanobots? You're really going to make us pay for what you took away?[/QUOTE] with [QUOTE=narfi;3288140]Everything but friendships is clutter ;)[/QUOTE]. Still feel strongly about the nerfing/nickel-and-diming issue represented in the former quote/thread.

My signature remains what it has been for a year now on account of i can't cut it down a little without cutting it down a lot due to changes in the sig policy. My apologies for anything out of date or misleading in its cruftiness. :D

___As of July 2007___
After 17 months on Calypso while naturally skilling 5.3k handgun, 5.7k rifle, and 1k of most melee weapons:

Solo globals (not including HOFs):
132 hunting (on mobs from ambus to warriors)
6 mining (oil, lyst, oil, oil, belk, melchi)
6 crafting (5 on transparencies, 1 on simple conductors)

1 hunting ~500 ped Estophyl provider
1 mining 285 ped Zn (my first global)
2 crafting 230 ped settler shins, ~300 ped mannel shoes

Best single loot: powerful heal chip from bery provider (sold for +650 i believe)
Best weapons looted: marber bravo x3, Justi 2 x4, Ep-38 x1, axe 2x0 x1

Complete male armor sets looted:

Old sigs/quotes:

[quote][b]Morat[/b]: It's not playing cards any more it's pulling a handle.[/quote]

[quote=Hurrikane;562484]The object here is to create and populate a fantasy world. All I ask is, who ordered the wankers?[/quote]

[QUOTE=AlphaGeek;741331]3. For the robots to return. We'll show 'em that their nuts are threaded and removable![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=David|MindArk;1213269]I do not see the necessity to inform our participants on every decision we make.
I wanted this ambassador area for event ambassadors past, present and future to discuss and pass on their unique experiences on working the Entropia Universe exhibition stand.


[QUOTE=Acronoid;1294439]btw, no I don't tailor or craft, I'm more afraid of the crafting machine then a falx dominant. [/QUOTE]


Champion of reason, unraveler of MA's mysteries...forever n00ber
Myth busters: Evade/Defense Skills Weapon damage Armor decay Unlocking Skills Weapon attachments
Other esoterica: My Story Luck Project Entropia: what's in a name? More bang

Quote Originally Posted by narfi View Post
Everything but friendships is clutter


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Recent Entries

Primordial Longus

by Doer on 04-05-2013 at 22:37

Habitat of the plongu (and Doer for half a year)
The Long Dark Halftime of the Mission

When the clock ran out on the mission reward nerf clock, i was a bit burned out and on the whole unmotivated by the modified mission rewards. I got into the Primordial Longu mission during the hunt for the DNA parts when that mob was introduced, but only made

Read More

Updated 04-05-2013 at 23:21 by Doer

Iron Challenges , Achievements and Goals , Hunting Log


by Doer on 10-14-2012 at 20:29

What a ridiculous (and transparent, apparently) moon!


With the clock ticking before the Iron Challenge Nerf, a sudden electrical storm left my new computer nonfunctional. A move and an otherwise busy month later, I tried the computer again and it was miraculously recovered. I hoped to finish Corn and Argo missions still, and spent about a month running around PvP (2?) hacking the little

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Steel Birds

by Doer on 07-31-2012 at 02:48

Alright, my sympathetic neck pain from looking straight up is still fading and i'm going to keep this short, in part because i didn't try to do as many tests during this mission, and in part because it was such a frustrating experience that i don't have much positive to say.

Read More

Updated 07-31-2012 at 02:53 by Doer

Iron Challenges , Achievements and Goals , Hunting Log


by Doer on 07-14-2012 at 10:14


Following the Longu mission chain, i signed on with Narfi's THING crew for something completely different, and used the opportunity to see Rocktropia and its seedy denizens. I've not found a higher concentration of obnoxious jackasses than among its vixen gear farmers, but i also met some nice new people. When migration started, and i was getting a bit tired of dying

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Updated 07-15-2012 at 07:52 by Doer

CP Camping , Iron Challenges , Achievements and Goals , Hunting Log

So here I am

by Doer on 06-11-2012 at 01:54
Back in 2005 when i came to Calypso, i didn't expect to get to 2012 and still be a noob. The major skill nerf a couple years later and life conspired a bit, and I didn't really "seize the moment" when it came to PE opportunities, keeping a long view without concern over the shorter-term setbacks or opportunity costs that approach caused. (Remember when my imp FAP was worth more than twice what i paid? My imk2, too? Who's the stubborn, pig-headed one who didn't sell them and give up on

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