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About pedless
Forbidden Depositor's
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Pedles Freelancer Bumm
I started playing this game back in 2003 or 2004 I cannot remember I was still living in America at the time after I discontinue playing for quite a while I restarted in 2012 So I deposited $14,000 I was in my Bank savings account.
Even my accountant and lawyers advised me that Calypso land Deeds CLD generated more interest in a bank account savings account wood within a year so investment was 0.02 from the bank account yearly percent.

Calypso land Deeds created in generated more Revenue around that time Calypso land Deeds CLD around 3.20 annually creating one of the most expensive Investments that I have ever made and Ashley it take it off from many years though I've never taken a withdrawal even though I was advised to I continue to play a continue to grow.

Entropia universe is probably one of the best communities to just Reach Out connect and play with unfortunately at the beginning of 2017 I had to realize that a previous injury back in my young school days had cause some major brain trauma then prompt for surgery First surgery went great the second one put me in a coma I was actually out of the game for 18 + months at that time he EULA had taken an unexpected change that I did not know about at the end of the twelfth month of having an inactive account all my land Deeds all my investments were apparently repossessed to collect (Mind Ark Tax) Revenue to continue the population goth.

As well trade terminal items as well as Quest items that are no longer in game because there's two Eco were confiscated as well buy (Mind Ark) and as of now I'm pretty much just trying to find a way to deposit the same pill have taken out every single way to deposit except a bank account that here in Asia is almost impossible to deposit for my bank.

So now I do have a stash of weapons in the storage is full of miscellaneous items however I do not deposit I cannot deposit account and I am free to play
Hence my new Society name (Forbidden depositor's)
Few simple rules in becoming a member one no begging too if somebody would like to donate something please do not do in PED maybe eluded TT weapons Punny weapon's or Blueprints and stuff things that you just don't use anymore and it's not worth any value to a FREE player it is worth a lot anything is absolutely appreciated though however should never be asked bagged or bothered about being Game

If any of these problems come up please Please note that Avatar's name do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible and I will deal with the situation!!!
Taipei Taiwan
Computer programmer
Square Enix Graphics designer
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