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  1. What are some mentoring gifts you got post vu.10?

    Although gifts aren't the purpose of mentoring, it's still fun to see what others got!
  2. I recently got into vehicles, and I have some of the best textured and colored ones!

    Generic leather green Hovercraft mk1
    Arkadian bee texture yellow Prx Limited
    Jorgunmand mk1 (brown paint with many textures)
    All these vehicles are 100% painted and textured in every field!
  3. Would a group funded anti pirate fleet be feesible?

    I was thinking that a bunch of people in quads can fly around space to protect against pirates(about 10) equally distributed between planets. The vehicles, guns, and ammo would be supplied by...
  4. Was wondering if any mothership could use a small attack fleet to protect from pirate

    I can get a fleet of a few people (in quads) to help defend motherships in vulnerable locations at a small cost!But if anyone is planning to transport items by themselves, we can help for a cut of...
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