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Thread: Locked accounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackHawk View Post
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    The damage done to the economy by such a huge scale is insane. It is clear that they stole money from each and every one of us. they should be all locked.

    The problem for me is more with Mindark. How can you have such a bug that drains the economy and you know nothing about?

    At least have the common sense to check each account that gets a loot over 5k and see how clean it is. And do that every week, if not each day. It is time consuming. But I think those guys did more than 1million dollars damage with that exploit. So it would have been cheaper to have a person checking aberrations in system. The fact that MA had no reaction sooner, worries me.

    That and the fact that since they started doing it at large scale our return was reduced.

    I think that whenever something happens above normal and when this miners start to hit so many hofs every day should MA have looked into this extraordinary and not wait for this for 7 months.

    Can only say one thing ------> INCOMPETENCE.

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    Let's hope that we get some solid answers from MA on this issue to quell the speculation.

    But for now, this thread has run its course.

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