Attention Entropians!!!

It was brought to my attention that a lot of colonists are still not aware that they can use exclusive interplanetary TP and safely TelePort from Foma-Fortuna back to Calypso(for a fee) by choosing Calypso at the drop down menu at any Foma-Fortuna TelePorter(TP).

If you are carrying any lootable items - save yourself a headache and prevent falling a victim due to a possible pirate attack by TP-ing back to Calypso as opposed to flying on ANY Spacecraft (including but not limited to Sleipnir (any MK), Quad-Wing, Pioneer, PathFinder, Starfinder and/or any MotherShip). This interplanetary TelePorter (TP) is exclusive to Foma-Fortuna/CP and not available on any other Planet outside of Calypso system.

To find out if you have any lootable items in your inventory - open the inventory (Default key "i") and check both "Materials" and "Mined Resources" categories from the choices on the right. Make sure to scroll all the way down when checking those sections or click "Compact" key to bring all of the items up to the top. If you have ANY items there or any of the items that belong in either one of those categories in ANY of your carried storage containers (that includes the storage "trunk" in any of the carried vehicles) - you can lose ALL OF THEM if killed and looted while flying on any spacecraft when in open PVP space (anywhere in Space other than Safe(blue) zone as indicated on your map of Space (Default Key "m")). Stacks of Ammo/Probes/Peds/Enhancers are not lootable.

Remember using TP is always the Safest as well as being the Quickest(takes only a second) way to travel from Foma-Fortuna to Calypso and it can save you from experiencing the "oops" moment!

Stay safe and Uber Huge!!!