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    Post Slamdance on Punies

    Slamdance on Punies
    Iron Mission 10k

    I finally returned to Calypso to finish off those punies! After fumbling about a bit, I started experimenting with different low level laser weapons to determine relative cost per kill, in hopes of finding the best fit for Berycled punies. Sample sizes are smaller than I would like for confidence, but some may find this interesting.

    For reference:
    Profession Start End
    Laser Pistoleer (Hit) 16.7280 18.0621
    Ranged Laser (Dmg) 14.1566 15.4303
    Laser Sniper (Hit) 13.6029 15.4227
    Evader 6.4223 6.8112
    Knifefighter (Dmg) 7.8645 8.3061
    Knifefighter (Hit) 5.4868 5.6927

    See next post for notes and conclusions.
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    Post Notes and Conclusions


    1. The first hunt was mostly Caudatergus, the next three mixed punies. All other hunts were 99% Berycled punies from the spawn at [63200, 74595, 120].

    2. Ammo costs in blue (7-Feb through 21-Feb) represent estimated Weapon Cell consumptions and are probably understated. I recorded the starting Weapon Cell value, tallied Weapon Cell loot over 0.00 and stopped the hunt when the tally matched the remaining Weapon Cell value in carried inventory.

    3. Ammo costs in green (23-Feb through 4-Mar) are straight up Universal Ammo figures. Universal Ammo is definitely the way to go if you are tracking ammo cost.

    4. I used a few and kept all other looted Rubios, Azuros and B101s to hand out to deserving new players. Loot was certainly nothing to get excited about, but if I had sold all the weapon and amp drops for markup, I would have ended up over 90%.

    5. I did use a Ten-Pulse FAP on three hunts, but went all natural from 12-Feb on. The weapon cost per kill summary table does not include FAP cost.

    6. The weapon cost per kill summary table includes only Berycled Puny hunts.

    7. I assumed adding an amp to the Omegaton M2100A1 (L) would be too much damage. Has anyone tested this?


    Gear Cost per Kill Effective DPP Total Kills Average per Hunt
    Sollomate Azuro (L) + Omegaton B101 (L) 0.05005 2.5984 1022 341
    Omegaton M21001A (L) 0.05071 2.5639 5307 531
    S.I. HK110 0.05283 2.4669 2200 367
    S.I. HK110 + Omegaton B101 (L) 0.5291 2.4569 600 300
    S.I. HK110 + ZX Sinkadus 0.05310 2.4481 274 274

    1. I got the best cost per kill results from the Sollomate Azuro (L) rifle with an Omegaton B101 amplifier attached. The longer range means fewer hits from mobs and less healing cost and time, but fewer hits also means less evade skill gained.

    2. The Omegaton M2100A1 (L) pistol was #2 in cost per kill and effective DPP. The shorter range means more hits from mobs but itís hard to beat immediate availability with no markup once you max it at level 3.

    3. Most players love the S.I. HK110 for its stingy use of ammo and many recommend this carbine to avoid puny overkill. Itís about the same speed as the TT pistols, so one would think that quick, cheap shots would save money on overkill, misses/evades and lost kills. My numbers may not be perfect, but I was disappointed in the higher decay of the unlimited gun, especially in light of its high markup. Perhaps it performs better as a finisher?

    The most cost-effective path forward for new players appears to be:

    1. Looted/gifted Sollomate Rubio (L) and Omegaton B101 until Laser Hit and Dmg level 1.

    2. Looted/gifted Sollomate Azuro (L) and Omegaton B101 until Laser Hit and Dmg level 3.

    3. Buy Omegaton M2100A (L) from the trade terminal and pick up all the evade skill you can.
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