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    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Rules
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    3.6 - Real-world Controversial Discussion
    Discussion of real world politics, nationalism, religion, war, or other similarly controversial topics is NOT permitted or appropriate for this forum. PlanetCalypsoForum, as the game, is a global community with players from many different countries around the world. Discussion of such topics often disrupts the forum community. Therefore, refrain from starting or participating in any such discussions, as they will be deleted from the forum without notice.
    We have a problem here. We have the subject of politics rather suddenly thrust upon us in a VR where people flock to actually evade it. Upon making the forum rule this was not foreseen. There is no way to evade discussions about it now and no justification for stifling it. That it gets out of control easily does not work as a reason to stop it either. If you want to blame someone for doing this to you as moderators, turn to those who had the bright idea of turning this mental holiday resort into another battleground over ideologies.

    On the topic of voting procedures, Switzerland is an excellent example and bringing it up was positive. There are many more negative examples. Discussing existing real-world systems as role models for a possible implementation in game is the most natural thing to do and enforcing a dated rule to the letter in this context is as futile as trying to defy gravity.
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