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    Slamdance's Virtual Shop

    All Prices Negotiable

    Below Auction

    • CDF Scout (F) full set (full tt), 14.50 tt + 9.50 = 24.00 ped




    Crafted Components - Need a supplier? Please contact me!



    PM here or in-game
    Kat Slamdance Sawyer
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    Added 2 AUD.

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    MarCorp Kallous-1 (L) sold.

    Crude Oil added.

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    Basic Wires added.

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    Off to Arkadia!

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    Back on Calypso.


    Ozpyn Chon S1X1
    Ozpyn LR S1X1
    Herman ARK-0 (L)

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    All sold or re-purposed.

    Off to Monria next!

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    Blueprints, Components, Tools and Weapons all updated.

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    Tools and Weapons all sold.

    Off to Cyrene!

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    Updated -

    Level 1 Finder Amplifier Light (L) added
    Island Shirts added
    Jungle Shorts added
    Trailblazer Boots (F) added
    ArMatrix Extender P20 BP added
    Resource Extractor Re-101 restocked

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