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    Golden Fever Event

    New mining event on Eldorado land area

    Land area is located SW of Solfais Crater [17704, 51643, 105]

    Event will start on friday 23. september 2016.

    Event has no time limit


    - registration is not need it but screen shot is required till i get custom global massage
    - screenshots must have entropia universe time
    - screenshots can be posted in this thread up to 96 hours after global/hof was achieved
    - for every global or HOF will be rewarded with points
    - table with points :

    points 50-499ped mining loot = 1point
    500-4999ped mining loot = 2points
    5000-49999ped mining loot = 10points
    over 50000ped mining loot = 100points
    every gold global/Hof bonus 20points

    -20points for gold global/Hof will be until 01. january 2018., after that period will be 10points
    first player who achieved over 50 ped global will receive 4x terra amp 1 worth of 180ped TT in total

    - this points u can exchanged in rewards
    - there are player tiers in this event
    - every player start with tier I
    - player can advanced in tiers by spending points in lower tiers
    -here is table how much u need to spend points to advanced in tiers:

    tier 1 - 0 points spent- starting tier
    tier 2 - 100 points spent
    tier 3 - 500 points spent
    tier 4 - 1000 points spent
    tier 5 - 2000 points spent
    tier 6 - 3000 points spent

    - player can choose rewards in his tier or lower tier
    - here is link of table with prizes :

    - information about rewards check on
    - prize pool will be vary time to time
    - every first day of the month i will published table with points
    - participant can obtain his rewards ten days after publication table with points
    - for collecting rewards please contact Michael ElPadrino Corleone in game

    Good luck and have fun
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