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    many S & B Ardenner 16 (L),S & B Ardenner 10 (L),Piron PBP-27 (L)

    Prefer to do this as bulk of each weapon or all, so open to offers ect

    S & B Ardenner 16 (L)- various tt ranges, total tt value= 534.36p, asking mu of 106%

    S & B Ardenner 10 (L)- various tt ranges, total tt value= 124.51p, asking mu of 106%

    Piron PBP-27 (L)- various tt ranges, total tt value= 126.08p, asking mu of 115%

    as said earlier am open for offers as well and prefer to do each type of weapon in bulk, but will sell individually. Prefer pm in game over pm on pcf- apallo sincros neverweave. Thanks

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    bump, for fun tonight

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