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This is not a problem. you can already buy a set of "uber" armour for very little ped.
For example, instead of an expensive angel set, you could easily buy a set of stealth (L) for around 110%.
Rutuba, spartacus etc, all (L) and cheaply available.
Absolutely no TT armour needed for that.
In contrary, if TT would sell that as well, it would destroy even that little mark up that is left from looted or crafted stuff.
That exactly is the main problem for crafters.

The insane amount of L items dropping form hunting, eliminates any option to sell crafted items.

I TTed, all my crafted armor parts I made last few mounth because I simply couldnīt sell it.
Was a lost as I paid MU for the materials, and used residue that I could have sold for MU, too.
Anyways, needed to free the PEDs locked in unsellable items.