I'm selling the following old time items. I'll update the thread with SB and BO once I get home from work. But in the meanwhile feel free to post a reply or send me a message if you're interested in any item.

Everything is Tier 0 where it applies. You can click on each item to see a screenshot with its tier rates. The clothes link to the item itself, so you can see how nice they look!

Fire Forge ARR 8000
EWE EP-21 Defender
Sollomate Outbacko
Castorian Combat EnBlade-8
Castorian Survival EnBlade-6

Shadow Helmet (M)
Samurai Gloves (M)
Paladin Shin Guards (M)

Urban Nomad Marine Sweater (M)
Renegade Fashion Citadel Pants (M)
Urban Nomad Hiking Boots (M)