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    Yes you can use the AH postal system to circumvent pirates but it has its own problems.

    1. You list at planet A (and pay the AH fee for listing, minimal if low start bid) fly to planet B (fuel costs) and then pay buyout price for items listed. You can then pay 2ped and wait 12 hours for delivery or 6ped minimum for immediate delivery. Seller may then incur additional AH fee if buyout was significantly above start bid.
    So may not be as cheap as you hoped.

    2. Some resources that you want to move may be heavy and will incur increased delivery charges, these can literally run into hundreds of ped.
    Suddenly those warp fees pale into insignificance

    3. You list the resources, pay the AH fee, fly, go to buy and someone else bought it. Yes you got paid, but now you have to do it all again, and incur any costs again

    4. If moving multiple stacks using the AH postal system you will ofc incur fees for each stack, this can add up real fast. The warp fee on the other hand is a fixed price regardless of what you are carrying (unless equus or firebird as these have weight restrictions)

    So whether or not MA remove log off so long as you travel with a reputable ship, whose owner has troubled to go to the expense of upgrading the SI, and has a crew to defend the ship, then the use of an warp ship is still a valid and economic option

    and before the pirates beef that our ships offer log off option to travellers, we have been told by MA that this is not an exploit. If they change that stance or if they clearly tell us it is an exploit then we will deal with it.
    If they have told you otherwise, well no surprise, as consistency of messages from support has never been an MA strongpoint.
    Meanwhile those who have over the years used many exploits and had the luxury of a ready supply of victims leaving the confined 'safe space' at the SS (now altered thanks to changes to space) should look to using space as a large PVP4 and start hunting players instead of expecting us to line up at their coconut shy.

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    I'm actually surprised MS owners are not more upset about the changes in space... or maybe you are and just not vocal about it. You should be, if you look at what has actually happened .

    This isn't a direct hit like so many times before, outright lies to those that have invested heavily into space... this one is more subtle. I can't help but wonder what's in it for MA, why they did it. Many different perspectives on that I am sure.

    The only thing I know for sure, if it hasn't yet, it will severely cripple your already dwindling and barely profitable warp businesses.

    You should have raised your prices a long time ago. You've been underbidding each other and now there is barely any hope. Could have/should have been charging far more for VIP warp service for years now.
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