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    Quote Originally Posted by Legends View Post
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    All you would have to do is introduce new blueprints for a Mayhem series of guns similar to the ArMatrix series, but these ones would require Mayhem tokens as part of the ingredients to craft.

    You could also introduce another series of blueprints for the Mayhem armor parts, which would also use Mayhem tokens, so that crafters would have to make those instead of it just dropping in loot. This would greatly increase the value of Mayhem tokens btw and hunters would still get their share.

    The above would successfully tie-in hunting, crafting and trading together. To bring in mining, make Mayhem tokens pop up all over Calypso as Treasure finds.
    The mm tokens already have a pretty decent value and make the guns etc very expensive already. Increasing markup on those would make those mm vendor items exhorbitant.

    Quote Originally Posted by mspatterson View Post
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    I'd have to go with divinity on this one... The crafting event imo did tie in to hunters miners as well.. a lot of us including myself started crafting like mad, anything and everything from hunting and mined resources to gathered resources creating a huge demand in everything... I think it was a great idea just the reward got borked. The reward needs some more thought but the program itself I give two thumbs up.
    Thanks and yes i do believe crafting is one profession which can benefit both hunting and mining. Reward needs more thought i agree.

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