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    Firercracker- Armatix Weapons(50-90) and Amps


    Imagine perfectly located Shop just next to TP, fully stocked, updated daily with very competitive prices and there you have it- Firecracker, literally few steps from Medusa TP, Shop 1:3.

    [Calypso, 53391, 69327, 105, Waypoint]

    Over 350 items in shop!

    In stock:

    Lr 45-105
    Lp 45-90
    Bc 45-105
    Bp 45-90

    Armatrix B amps 28-75
    Armatrix P amps 28-75

    Damage enhancers I,II,III,IV ins stacks of 10's,20's,5's.

    Perseus Armor Set M/F

    All prices very competitive and fair come and check it out.
    Any suggestions are welcome, feel free to let me know what to improve.
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    Mar 2010
    Jack Wuzi Daniels
    How does this affect the Armatrix equipment available at your shop in Twin peaks?

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    Both shops are manage at the same time, Twin Peaks shop with Armatrix 45-75 and Medusa shop with Armatrix 50-90, having 2 shops will help me supply larger amount of items and better variety.

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    Prices updated, restocked, don't overpay at AH but at my shop, prices often -3 -15% from daily MU.

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    Come and check it out.

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    Restocked, come and check it out, just a few steps from Medusa TP.

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    Restocked and updated, added damage enhancers I ii iii in stacks of 10.

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    Jul 2014
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    Crystal MJ Diamond
    Awesome prices and you see it just after you tp!

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    If you say what the shop number is that would help 😁

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    Thx Pepe for pointing that out, its shop 1:3, also please let me know if something is incorrect mu wise or missing I will fix that ASAP.

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