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    Quote Originally Posted by GoNi View Post
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    (too much to quote)
    Sure, I totally understand the frustration that some players must feel having invested in past promises. I would feel the same. My meme was meant to represent a hypothetical situation resulting from MA making their priorities public, not meant as a slam against past participants who were sold vaporware.

    With regards to not really caring or feeling tied to the game, that's just my attitude towards pretty much all material things. I have spent quite a bit on this game so far, vastly more than I've ever spent on a video game - and yet, if it were deleted tomorrow it would make little difference to me. I've never put more into the game than I care to lose, for me that just seems like common sense, but there's little about me that's common or makes sense so maybe it's just me.

    I think it was JBK that pointed out to me in another thread how at one point people *did* trust MA, and that's why people were not afraid to invest so much. I've only played for a couple of years, and only seen the "bad side" of MA... so for me that trust was never there to begin with, and it's still a little hard for me to get my head around the fact that this was once a trusted and respected company.

    Some people seem highly emotionally attached to this game, even though they seem to hate it at the same time, and that's just weird to me. Everyone gets frustrated, but if you are chronically unhappy with the game, why torture yourself? Rick's comment, in particular, was bizarre to me, since I can't understand playing a game that makes you feel like a prisoner or that you're being punished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoNi View Post
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    Maybe you are right and maybe you even nailed it down, why I post like I do.
    Human brain is a complicated thing

    Anyways, I know this comunity a long time now.

    While there is many nice and constructive people, there is a shitload of complainers, whinners and those who simply bitch about everything MA does.

    Sadly the negativity coming from comunity in this forum is much stronger than those constructive nice people.

    Therefor I think MA could really need some protection, although that wasnīt my intention at all.
    I just have to say it at least once in my life, this is an MMO forum. Of COURSE there's a shitload of negativity. Comes with the territory. Cater to bored, brainy critics, you get roasted. Just have to take it in stride.
    .... just one man's opinion

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    Their priority list is theirs and sadly bears no relation to ours based on recent evidence.

    Stay Home______________________________ Play Entropia______________________________Stay Safe

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    Voted for No. The past showed it didnīt work.
    Just follow the new route now, surprise us when its done and do not wake hopes before.

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    While I understand why many people voted "yes", I voted no.


    Because if MA advertise that they will change x gaming mechanic for y gaming mechanic, these forums will have a lot of whiner threads because of it.

    While I do have mixed feelings towards MA since I saw many changes after I join PE in 2004 (theories of conspiracy, strange disconnects, claims that some people are favored, bla bla) they learn. Or so we think.

    One could say now, the cow is fat and keeps dripping, so no one wants to scare the cow, and since the cow keeps getting fatter, leave it be.

    The initial investment in Entropia is paid, now they are collecting.
    My problem is, we do not know how they feel about improving something that brings a lot of money and works.
    Because, EU at the current state, works, not for us, but for MA, it makes them money.
    Any change to please us, might put in risk the cow.

    Of course this is all speculation of my part.

    I do hope there are some people in MA that have a keen vision for the future of EU.
    EU has many possibilities and in the current state, it is too big for the current "player base".

    Entropia grew too fast (in terms of space in a MMO) the player base did not. This for me, is one of the main problems of Entropia.

    Also, when new people know about it and try it out, after a month or so, many give up because it gets expensive to play.

    While anyone can play a full month with 500 peds, many cannot. 500 Peds for anyone relative "average" is pocket change.

    The ones that play with 500 ped per month, entropia is boring, with nothing to do except repetitive things.

    At the moment hunters lose money, miners are so so, crafters are casino players.

    The economy on items are dead, the markups are crap. There are no incentive for players to aim high.
    The only thing everyone wants is to hof big like ATH for all.

    There are no incentive for current players to advertise the game and bring new blood to the system. A affiliate program was already talked years ago. Nothing changed.

    CLD's, Aud's only served to ask players for more money. All revolves around milking more and more the cow.

    Sooner or latter the cow dries. Or new little cows keep showing up to fill up. But everything stays the same.

    In 2004 (if I recall) they removed the voting terminals of EU.
    This is a great addition that is easy to implement and ask people what they want instead of sending a email survey every 2 years. In game people like to interact with things. No one gives a crap about a survey in our email.

    Then we get the BS excuses of introduction of new systems to "benefit the community". First was the decay when removing clothes, armors and other stuff, the excuse? To reduce lag. Come on, are you serious?

    Then they kill the hangars business of people flying from Caly to CP and CND (at the time), now everyone can fly.
    Still, we see a lot of platforms in game, hangars for motherships and so on in the planet.

    So lets milk the cow, lets put a fee for TP's transportation, I wonder how we do not pay 1 or 2 pecs from Port Atlantis to Twins by traveling with TP's. (probably I should be quiet and not give them ideas, still, it would be a good bet that I would stop playing for good).

    Auction fees to avoid manipulation. Are you kidding me? People get banned by creating extra avatars for this thing and guess what? It works.

    But who pays for these? We all.
    And the funny thing is, they get away because we let it, we keep playing, we like to be here, we have friends here.

    EU was a very social game in the past, people gather around to trade, to play, even in the rings people had fun killing each other. They kill all this.

    Maybe MA should look a bit into the past and bring certain "features" while looking forward into the future.

    Most of us have complains, loot, bugs, lack of fun, lack of things to do, and these forums are full of them. Even I complain, hell, my last Hof was 2 years ago just because the last place was low...and I play almost everyday, I just not deposit 50k per month or something like that. (yes I am been sarcastic).

    I have been playing a lot of online games, fun games with a lot of content, but at the end, my game is Entropia. The "Real Cash Economy" pulls all of us and the true is, we are here all because of money! So please do not come with any other excuse to play EU except for the money. There are many other games out there way, way better then EU, but, they are not played with real money.

    Well since this already looks like a testament, and I got the feeling I am going a bit out of topic, MA could plan a roadmap, the problem is, like I already mentioned, many ideas get behind and are never developed, that is why there is a lot of lack of communication between MA and us.

    The biggest problem I have with this, is the lack of transparency. I understand EU deals with real money, and MA must be very strict about this. It is not like Blizzard running WoW or something like that.

    The voting terminals should be implemented again, and MA should concentrate their development efforts in the areas people vote for. After all, we are the ones who pay their paychecks.

    Peds spent by the players inside the game should be given to the players more fairly. It is very frustrating that the only people that are rich gets the best loots and the names in the globals chat are almost the same.

    It's dynamic. Right...sure.

    It looks dynamic but all it takes is some dev click a button in the "entropia loot application software" to change the dynamics.

    MA has to make money, that is a constant, that is a must. But so must we, after all whats the point of grinding for skills and 1 month noob player gets a ATH because his first deposit was 100k or more?

    Where is the fairness in gameplay?
    Where is the fairness for the ones that play EU almost everyday for hours, improving gear, skills with absolute no return in peds or fun?

    All we all get is frustration.

    Sure we smile every time we hear the swirls and horns, but we all cry when we reach the TT.
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    bump for an interesting idea.. so Mindark, what are your Priorities and will you be doing another AMA any time again ever? Lots of silence after the last one... Before that there was lots of silence on the Ask Mindark section on entropia forum too... tick tock, another 5-10 years is coming soon.

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