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    I am selling only the firefly from the shop, please refrain from further requests to buy other items
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    Bump. Looking to add some maces for the shop, i got a buying thread posted for castorian combat mace 1, 3 or 4. And any force mace or loughlin masher 2 as well. Firefly was sold to fund this new venture

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    Thought I would start posting a some vids of the weapons I have available in the shop in action!! I will try to do a video for every weapon eventually, got a few newer videos exclusively for showcasing some weapons, others will be from older hunts that I streamed where one of the weapons was used. The weapon in this vid, the castorian combat mace mk 2 is now tier 6!

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    Rental cost on Castorian combat mace mk 2 lowered!

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    Added Force Mace CLobber tier 4 to the rental shop!!! great opportunity to start skilling clubs with some decent damage at a low level

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    Heres a video of the force mace clobber in action from a while back, was using it myself to gain some levels!

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    Just added a Castorian Combat Mace mk 1 Tier 6 to rental shop!!! In stock now!

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