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    Genesis ArcSpark

    Hello .

    I am thinking to get one of thsi daggers , [Genesis ArcSpark] at around tier 5+

    My question is , if anyone of u have used DMG ENH on this knife .

    Can tell me the break rate ?
    if its good to use DMG ENH on this knife?

    Its realy importent to me know this enfo before i buying one ..

    Thanks for ur time !

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    I had a tier 8 arcspark, and the breakrate was drastic. I still got an arcSpark but a tier 2 one.. Ofcourse its the same breakrate for each enhanced slot, but I feel more comfortable refilling 2.

    I always fill all slots on my weapons, and this is the reason I prefer slower weapons like the mace, longswords or guns like the m83.

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    Thanks for ur replay..

    Anyone else ?

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    Speaks for its self mate but if your new and unaware. Using alot of enhancers on a fast attacking item 50-60+ apm is painful due to the break rate of enhancers is incredibly fast with such items but it doesent mean u need to load every slot with enh all the time but when u do you will see what we mean lol

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    Never used damage enhancers, but I have used acc enhancers..

    Breakage rate for those are 3600 uses/enhancer.

    A guess, but dmg enh breakage rate probably the same.

    Data from 2 years ago so take it with a grain of salt. If you have collateral, ask the seller to let you test it before you buy it.
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