I am selling an almost full TT full armour set of Perseus (F, L).

Set TT is 966.4/1000 ped

EntropiaWiki Link

Perseus Arm Guards (F,L) 134.97 (140 TT)
Perseus Foot Guards (F,L) 116.25 (120 TT)
Perseus Gloves (F,L) 97.48 (100 TT)
Perseus Harness (F,L) 231.57 (240 TT)
Perseus Helmet (F,L) 125.22 (130 TT)
Perseus Shin Guards (F,L) 125.82 (130 TT)
Perseus Thigh Guards (F,L) 135.09 (140 TT)

Price is 5-10% under auction price.
Act fast and get this full armour set at a discount price.
Get ready for Migration with this powerfull armour!