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    thanks for all the positive comments everyone, part of why i made the video was to promote entropia, and I have had a lot of messages on YouTube asking where people can download the game, how pvp works, how much you can loot people for - very good marketing opportunity in my opinion!

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    this was so much fun to make, dont people think PvP could be a good way of marketing the game to potential newcomers? I've had almost 50 PMs on YouTube asking about how this game works as a result of my video

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    Looks like a lot of fun

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    PvP is by far the most interesting and fun aspect of EU.

    The only 2 groups of people who don't know this are,
    those who have never tried it,
    and those who work at MindArk...

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    pvp sure is the most entertaining part of PE in my opinion

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    pvp sure is the most entertaining part of PE in my opinion
    Making a 2020 video? I've got a tier 7 Tango you could potentially use...

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