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    Thumbs Up A compliment to the support

    Even if I am not always the same opinion as MA and also have my own opinion about the game, I also have to praise the support staff.

    I recently had 2 open tickets for the Mayhem event and a loot problem.

    This time I have to say that the support has processed the concerns to my fullest satisfaction and has done.

    So a big thank you from me and hopefully this will continue in the future. You deserve this praise this time Keep up the good work

    John SonicHero1 Wick

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    Guardian osten's Avatar
    Aug 2009
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    Eon Ost Turf
    Stockholm Syndrome
    I never had problems with support. I suspect those who have, are whiners and troll support with rage and questions that can not be answered.

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    Apr 2016
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    Virginia, USA
    Madmartigan Maxell Maximus
    Team Fire Forge
    I can honestly say that my support cases have been answered within 12-24 hours, unless submitted over the weekend. I appreciate their responsiveness and do hope this trend continues.

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    Always had good support!
    Online is a great help too.. although they don't really know the game inside and out, they have helped me to figure stuff out.
    Agree 100%

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    Nov 2009
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    New York Rose
    I absolutely love the 'Live" chat support! Cloud is so cool too

    I have never had long wait with any SC's either.

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    Sep 2008
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    dasouth Genious dasouth
    The Ministry
    I guess I always ask too hard questions..

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    It took me a little over a day for my support ticket to be answered, so yeah, i'm satisfied.
    The thing that made a great gamer.

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    Support Story

    Here's a support story for you with a lesson.
    I have been buying and using alot of (L) weapons besides my (UL) ones.
    I need a faster better gun than the (UL) I own for adds up in Crystal Palace.
    I had a few in my inventory and I was trying to finish them up so I could get rid of them.
    I had 2 or three at 00.00 Ped and went to the trade terminal to get rid of them.
    After that, I went to to go Kill Berks and noticed one of my Icons was missing.
    I got a bad feeling and looked around for my Piron PBP10 and it was gone.
    I sold it for 00.00 Peds
    How did I do that??
    Well I buy (L) guns with really high Tier up numbers and some of the (L) weapons reach Tier 5 to 7.
    Some of the weapons I used were Pirons.
    I saw the message and didn't bother to check.
    I got a big hole in my stomach because I had read about missing Items already.
    The fee to reclaim a weapon is 1000.00 PED.
    The gun was at Tier 6.3 and I pumped tons of ammo through it.
    There's no way I could sell this gun for 1000.00 PED but there's also no way I would find a replacement @ Tier 6.3.
    So after a while I bucked up sold a bunch of oils and put 1000.00 ped in my storage.
    Support took the money and dropped a Piron PBP 10 in my storage.
    I looked at it and it was Tier 0.
    Another heart attack thinking you can't get your Tiers back.
    I put in another ticket and they replaced it with a Tier 6.3.
    Did I learn my lesson?
    I hope so.
    I'm not mad. It was my own fault, and I respect their policy as they would be constantly getting support tickets for everything you could think of.
    Be very careful selling 00.00 ped stuff from your account.
    Was it worth paying to get it back?
    It's kinda like a family dog.. I think I feel better losing 100 bucks than losing the gun.
    Shortly after that I got my first 1k Global.

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