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    NEW UNIQUE SERVICE! “The Trap House” now open!

    The Trap House, Entropia’s newest unique business, is now open!

    Clients will be given instructions to The Trap House as well as security knock to get past the door man.

    Once inside this private residence you will find some of eus most beautiful avatars waiting to slowly strip armor for your viewing pleasure! (Tips not included)

    Jonesin for a fix? In the back room you’ll find a shady guy with pills to meet all of your junkie needs! (He specializes in speed based party pills but also has pain killers that keep you from feeling damage from mobs)

    Don’t forget to pop some bottles with our vip bottle service! Drinks are hard to find on calypso but we’ve smuggled in a limited stock of vip grade champagne!

    The Trap House is Entropia’s ONLY underground night club willing to meet all of your illcet needs!

    Rates are as follows:

    Parties of 1-10 people 250 ped per hour cover charge parties of 10-15 200 ped per hour

    Women stripping armor: 20-50 ped an hour per lady/man please let us know your preferences in advance so we can be sure the selection is to your taste! PLEASE BE SURE TO TIP YOUR DANCERS!!!!!

    Bottle service: 150 ped per event (while champagne supplies last)

    Merp escort service: vip clients will get details

    Back room deals: case by case basis. Talk to the pill dealer once inside. His goods are not cheap but they will be sure you’re the life of the party!


    1) the Trap House is in a private apartment somewhere on calypso. As we offer services calypso pd would frown on the address is confidential.


    3) you MAY NOT touch the dancers inapproriatly. You will be asked to leave by security.

    4) no weapons allowed on premises

    5) if you die as a result of partying too hard we ask that you revive as soon as possible. Clock doesn’t stop because you over did it.

    Ready to find your way to The Trap house? Pm for reservations! We also do weddings birthday party’s and family friendly events!
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