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    Mar 2016
    tyires tyirepl tyirepl
    I was shooting berycleds, vixens and also I am a EP IV heavy addict. I sometimes spend 50% or more of my income and loose it on EP IV and 'shrapnel' blueprints.
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    Sep 2006
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    to the moon and back
    Kerawan Kerham Maddahy
    Project Y
    Logs. Seeing where your money actually go and not count on your memory/speculations/myths was the biggest game changer for me. Too bad I haven't done that properly 10-12 years before.

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    Deposit and grinding.
    I've used PE/EU as entertainment though, so haven't realy played that hard to profit
    but mostly to have fun. I have a job where I "hunt" profit.
    Imo, EU isn't realy that hard, it's about matching values, e.g values you create and
    values the target "wants". When they match perfectly we are as efficient as it is possible.
    When it comes to luck, well imo luck = timing and circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerham View Post
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    Logs. Seeing where your money actually go and not count on your memory/speculations/myths was the biggest game changer for me. Too bad I haven't done that properly 10-12 years before.
    This 100% will show you what you are doing wrong.

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    Jul 2009
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    Ms Kazzza Milla Starfinder said on one occasion that only 2% of the tracker's record were uberloots. Understanding that Uberloots are prizes greater than 1K. If we apply pareto to that 2% we can understand that only 0.4% of the tracker records were important prizes (including ATHs).

    Then, probably only 0.4% or less of the players has received an important prize, and that means only has related with the uncommon high multiplier and luck.

    Therefore, you cannot play the game disturbed by not taking out the jackpot, as there is a 99.6% chance that thats will never happen.

    On the other hand, getting a jackpot is winning? No. In fact, those who usually take it out, had already made significant deposits before.

    After the above, it is true that I took out a SOOTO that I could sell for 23k 10 years ago. But it is also true that, similarly to Leeloo, I had also deposited an equivalent dollar amount. I had qualified for 6 normal SOOTO before the great SOOTO, where only angel scales was there.

    And believe me, that didn't necessarily mean a boost, because once the game gives you, then it removes you again.

    In short, you cannot base your game on great luck, because there is a 99.6% chance or more that never comes to you. It is best that you play based on knowledge first; and then if you know and grow enough you have two options, bet from time to time, but without crying, because in bets you usually lose, or seriously to make a risk playing at the level of the big ones, who have weapons of 12 thousand dollars, armor of 14 thousand dollars, and 15 thousand dollars in ammunition. Having to play professionally 24x7 and firing every second of the day in every day. Only in last case you could say that you are playing to win peds.

    Thats all friend. I will stoped my advices here. Long life and prosperity in Entropia Life.

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    Dec 2010
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    Captain Jack Daniels
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    I started off as a non depositor and played that way for 4 years. After 4 years of investing thousands of hours, my life circumstances changed and I quit EU and withdrew $4,000 USD.
    My time as a non depositor taught me a lot of things such as bankroll management, reducing markup in, and maximizing markup out.
    I came back when MindArk announced they would be selling off Planet Calypso through an ingame share system. Having known the stability of the game I decided to go all in. I invested all of my modest life savings into CLDs and then began to play again with the dividends they produced.

    In 2016 my life circumstances changed again and I needed cash badly. I sold all my CLDs and withdrew almost everything from Entropia, amounting to a fairly impressive profit. Once I stabilized things again I began looking for my next venture in Entropia Universe. I discovered land area management and fell in love. It took time, effort, and creativity, but it was by far the most lucrative venture I had ever embarked upon. I continued using my profits from LA management to upgrade my hunting gear, grind, and buy more land areas. I also did not hesitate to deposit heavily when the right deals came my way.

    Today I am once again in the middle of some substantial changes in real life which have caused me to dial back my time in Entropia significantly. As such I will be liquidating the bulk of my highest value assets for real life endeavors, keeping a modest investment ingame to continue to play at my level. These experiences have built up a bank of knowledge which will allow me to come back ready to invest heavily again in the future when the right opportunity comes, and I have more time on my hands.

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    May 2009
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    My only reason I am at the level I am is depositing $20-$30 a week for 9-10 years, and investing $4K into CLD at the first offering. I can claim only a handful of uber loots, none of them epic and none until I was I was 8 years in the game.

    I cannot say that I regret any of it.

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    I went to college.
    I graduated.
    I go to work.
    I make lots of money.

    But really in the game?
    I'm not in a society.
    I don't listen to other peoples advice.
    I fight hard and I suffer.
    When I get to the other side I know the answers.
    I won't tell you because I want you to lose your money.

    My dad said it best...
    Never play the way the casino says you should, it's bad advice.
    Don't believe books and articles because it's all propaganda, published by the casinos.

    The only thing you can farm in Entropia Universe are other players.
    The only thing worth looting is your bank account.

    Rock On!!

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    Nov 2011
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    Rickard Rick England
    Jurai Blood
    I have about 393K skills in my ava and joined EU around 2006. Looking back I probably enjoyed it more at lower levels, growing towards that mid-level position. Although it was a different game back then. Weapons were much lower powered, mobs had much lower HP, loots were much more interesting……so all in all you needed less ped to play the game. Or in other words your ped lasted ‘much’ longer for your time input. The little mobs used to give big loots, and people at the top were looting good items.

    Literally 100’s of players used to hang out at twin on argos, and as long as you kept shooting generally a loot would pop to bounce you back. Ped was so free flowing the arena’s always had players mucking about shooting each other. The system was more chilled relaxed and community driven back then. PA was packed with traders, and the community used to fight over any eye oil brought to the market….hahaha.

    It was the days that demand out stripped supply. Even sweat sold for 6-7 ped a k.

    I find it a bit of a bore fest now to be honest, it’s a cash cow that lost its heart long ago. I still don’t mind grinding a few k ped now and then from a nostalgic prospective just to then see what pops out, but I see no point in chasing some insane level anymore. Some people call that losing, I call it common sense. It will be interesting to see how many players ‘care’ about finishing missions before the deadline change. I’d say that would be a good indicator of community commitment.

    I guess I deposited a lot, I have no idea how much anymore. Although considering the time I spent online over the years, I can accept whatever cost that was. It was only in more recent years I made some very heavy deposits to see if that would make a difference, and it didn’t (small regret nothing major). However I’m passed the bullshit of it nowadays; MA need me more than I need them, so I have no tolerance for the arrogance of the game in todays competitive marketplace.

    We all look back with fond memories I guess, is that justifiably fair comparing it to the present? Probably. If I could hug the game, I’d put my arm around it and say.... it’s all looking a little desperate mate. Good old days ehhhh!!! Smiles and nods.

    Izgood (JB) "EU enhances my split personality"
    MA can pay you if they want too.
    Do not confuse kindness with weakness.
    Chance favours the prepared mind.

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