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    Oct 2014
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    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    Entropiafund Events

    Im proud to announce there is 2 new jackpot winners from 9th of May 2020.

    Noa Noemia Blackwhite and Tom Archy Bald wins 10% of jackpot 2946 EF points.
    1473 EF points for each


    FYI: Jackpot event is paused since 11th May 2020 until I will decide how we will continue with MA's new rules.

    How to get Entropiafund points

    New event will honor you Entropiafund points of each global (hunting / mining) what you get in Entropiafund Land Areas. Land / Mob / Recource List can be found bottom of this post.

    Entropiafund Points exhange rate to us is 1:1 so 1 Point is 1 PED.
    The EF Points are also tradeable to other players. You can choose to buy/sell them from other participants.


    Entropiafund Points table


    EF Points Jackpot

    All globals in our Land areas will be counted to the Entropiafund Jackpot as rate 1 Point / global (Clarification on rules 2.1.1)

    Current Jackpot Prize Pool: 26517 EF Points (updated up to 10.5.2020)

    Check rules how you can win


    So The person that gets the 100th, 200th, 300th, etc global on LA lands will receive an AUD

    We will start to announce winners in the thread / website and add AUDs to ef points sheet for winners

    This event starts to run from 11.5.2020

    Daily there happens avg 100 globals on entropiafund lands so who will take most of AUDs


    What you can do with EF Points

    - The EF Points exhange rate to us is 1:1 so 1 Point is 1 PED.
    - The EF Points are also tradeable to other players. You can choose to buy/sell them from other participants.
    - Can be used to claim several different prizes (listed in below)
    - You can buy several different services from our partners (listed below) with using EF points
    - You can keep them as investment in Entropiafund and let our returns work for you.


    Event Prizes

    Improved Fast Aid Pack - 35 000 points
    Level 2 Unlimited Finder Amplifier - 11 000 Points
    EMK-Kit 2600 Modified - 7000 points
    Adjusted Restoration Chip - 4200 points
    Divine Intervention Chip - 1500 Points

    From time to time changing offers

    Mining Strongbox 25x - 550 points
    Mining Strongbox 10x - 230 points
    Hyper/Accu/Deva/Medistim 10mg 50x - 250 points
    Hyper/Accu/Deva/Medistim 10mg 100x - 480 points
    Neur A 50x - 200 points
    Neur A 100x - 400 points

    More prizes coming soon



    EF Points + Entropiafund

    EF points are tied to Entropiafund ROI% (Annually around 10-20%).
    This means all your points will make you interest monthly until you will claim them.


    Event Rules

    1.1 The above EF Points are tradeable. You can choose to buy/sell them from other participants. For selling you need to have at least 100 points before they can be sold.
    1.2 Each EF Point can be sold back to me at a minimum fixed price of 1 ped per point. Minimum 100 Points needed for the trade.
    1.3 Always when trading or claiming EF points, point balance will be rounded down to closest 1 digit.
    1.4 For trading EF points both sides of trades need to contact Chiee after trade and provide details of trade. If there is missunderstanding then screenshot of trade is needed for proof. I suggest everyone take picture of trades always.
    1.4 Individuals can win more then one type of EF points. Example 2 Digits and 3 digits are counted together: 2122 or 21322 would count for both.
    1.5 All registered participants will receive interest for their EF points. Interest is tied to Entropiafund ROI% and its added monthly to your point balance.
    1.6 When úsing EF points to claim services you need to have atleast 50 EF points in your balance

    2.1 Any Global of any Entropiafund Land area count for this event
    2.1.1 In Jackpot event Royal Club berycles honor 0.5 point to Jackpot
    2.1.2 If more than one winning global happens in a day in Jackpot event, then the prize will be split between each of the winning globals for that day. Participant need to contact to Chiee and info him which day his global hitted to jackpot.
    2.2 Jackpot win doesnt include in multipliers.

    3.1 Entropialife will be used to track scores. Please make sure your globals register there.
    3.2 Times/Dates for the globals will be using the MA time clock and each day resets at 00:00 MA time. Same at entropialife!
    3.3 Winning global must show on EntropiaLife or post a screenshot here with date/time stamp.

    4.1 Register here with your EXACT ingame avatar name. (small and big letters have to be right. (teams accepted, Leader will receive prize).
    4.2 You claim your prize from Chiee.
    4.3 We reserve the right to adjust rules or cancel the event at any time without prior notice. Any points won before adjustments will be honored.
    4.4 We reserve the right to adjust item prizes of how many points participant need to use for claiming item. Adjusting will be made only if something remarkable happens on current item market value.

    You dont need to wait confirmation after your sign up. Its enough if you have posted in thread


    Intrested to invest in Entropiafund? We are looking more investors



    Im trying to update sheet atleast once in week


    Land Areas & Recources

    LA #23 ~Royal Club (30200, 40000)
    Mob: Berycled Prowler - Stalker L12
    Niksarium, Cumbriz, Blausarium, Iron, Terrudite, Kanerium
    Alicenes, Angelic, Force Nexus, Crude, Growth

    LA #24 - ~Royal Club (31700 , 40000)
    Mob: Ambulimax Young
    Niksarium, Cumbriz, Blausarium, Iron, Terrudite, Kanerium, Caldorite, Cobalt
    Alicenes, Angelic, Force Nexus, Crude, Growth

    LA #46 - Proteron Pasture (18500, 62300)
    Mob: Proteron Young
    Niksarium, Durulium, Vesperdite, Valurite, Megan, Azzurdite, Erdorium, Narcanisium,
    Gazzurdite, Cumbriz, Zinc, Lysterium, Belkar, Platinium
    Garcen, Magerian, Root Acid, Melchi, Azur, Solis, Devil's, Binary, Lumis,
    Lytarian, Typonolic, Ferrum Nuts,

    LA #53 - Winter Park (18500, 45700)
    Mob: Exarosaur youngs & Natural spawn of Fugabarba, snablesnot, snarksnot, hiryuaa W of TP
    Blausarium, Frigulite, Adomasite, Lanorium, Dianum, Valurite, Zanderium
    Force Nexus, Angelic, Devil's Tail, Growth Moles, Acid Root, Henrem Stems,

    LA #54 - Atami's Proteron Paradise (21400, 45700)
    Mob: Proteron Mature - Dominant & Chomper young to stalker
    Blausarium, Frigulite, Adomasite, Belkar , Lanorium, Dianum, Valurite, Zanderium
    Force Nexus, Angelic, Devil's Tail, Growth Moles, Acid Root, Henrem Stems,

    Medusa's Head - Bakunawa Island (55500, 69200)
    Mob: Natural spawn of Allophyl young to stalker. Itumatrox young to stalker in beaches of the
    island. 95% of the LA is mob free
    Kanerium, Niksarium, Dianum, Ignisium, Durulium, Alferix, Terrudite, Lysterium, Gold
    Devil's Tail, Azur Pearls, solis Beans, Binary Fluid, Cave Sap, Growth Molecules, Crude Oil

    **NEW**Shinkiba Land at Amethera OUTBACK LAND #65 - SE of Wolverine Hope (Closest TP : Wolverine Hope 37850, 46775)
    Mob: Shinkiba Prowler - Stalkers L13 - L16
    Known Recources: Belkar, Dianum, Terrudite, Lysterium, Copper, Xeremite
    Alicenes liquid, Typonolic, magerian, crude, growth

    Entropiafund Jackpot winners so far:
    1. 31.3.2018 Vaya Peaso Loot - Wins 10% = 3117 PED. (Ambulimax young 116PED)
    2. 19.7.2018 Fred PuinSai Fredrickson - Wins 10% = 3153 PED. (Kool Kat Young 72PED)
    3. 30.9.2018 Madmartigan Maxell Maximus - Wins 5% = 1472 PED. (Berycled Stalker 28PED)
    4. 28.11.2018 Helena Helena Fra - Wins 20% = 5425 PED. (Proteron Old 232PED)
    5. 29.12.2018 don mitnick don mitnick - Wins 10% = 2232 PED. (Kool Kat Young 133PED)
    6. 7.8.2019 Solcar Pricey Lazroc - Wins 10% = 2362 EF points. (Growth Molecules 56PED)
    7. 23.2.2020 Jabez JAG Groove - Wins 10% = 3084 EF points. (Proteron Guardian 53 PED)
    8. 29.4.2020 Luri UncleMo Nightshade - Wins 10% = 3105 EF points. (Proteron Young 70 PED)
    9. 9.5.2020 Noa Noemia Blackwhite - Wins 5/10% = 1473 EF points (Ambulimax Young 77 PED)
    9.5.2020 Tom Archy Bald - Wins 5/10% = 1473 EF points. (Ambulimax Young 77 PED)

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    Oct 2014
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    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
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    ozan Rahmadi OR
    Xanatos Xan Xerxes
    Naming Policy Violation
    Eldaii SilverWave Robonaught
    Tomac Gunner Wayman
    Linas LGer Ger
    bujako xvirus bujako
    Djinn Gunsel Le Clef
    Nika Nikolina Belic
    Assassin ENTROPIAN Macedonian
    jade demoniac malkov
    Belinda Linda Riberg
    Bettie evilbettie evil
    Jon Snow Lord
    Zz image marshall
    Muerte17 xRetroGamesx YouTube
    Roman Shoo Shumberg
    richard nero rahl
    Johny KoBrA Fighter
    timmy deathgiggles haha
    Helen Quant Winterwolf
    Ginsley Gins Toranov
    Zomar CLORK Zezziz
    Tybel Ty Marlson
    Walen Wale Thor
    Grale Gurra Pilsner
    norua norua cain
    balto est pret
    Thaddeus Rusty Venture
    dini mArdOff mini
    Mike Robo Robotik
    Saz Ozzonn Saz
    Bernard Bernd Star
    DanDare DanDare Centaurus
    Sir Vaxsa Mir
    Azra Azazel Astarte
    Overcooked OC Panda
    Bob C3rberu5 Smith
    SpikE SpikE Odets
    Onyar Loorden PSS
    Set Setgato Castro
    Losture LM Mindtoo
    Uklesh Pluut Frozen
    Kara RavenJade SummerWind
    Pretto Loco Believingson
    Devon Deeveon Knight
    Wyndi Wyndi Chelien
    Sozia BootyTrap Mira
    Helen Winterwolf
    Amos Antagonist Lee
    Surijan Ixtos Amaurotis
    Geir SirCuteNShy Halv
    Ford Zippo LincolnMercury
    Kenny Mifuewker Powers
    James Mielu Blond
    Dalibor Dado Nizic
    cat motowoman99 jorgensen
    Winnie110 Winnie marklar
    Pablo ContainerConrad Francisco
    Hadlen Immortal Deity
    Sir Zeipii Kompiainen
    Corey Sully Sullivan
    Julio Te Funetes
    Michael Kane Raven
    Gonzokillar Sherlock Holmes
    Selen Damoon Munchausen
    Angel Shadow Heart
    laina RedD mudai
    Mr Faith Deal
    south park mexican
    This Pretty Foul
    Jo Aloisius Smith
    Arthur Arthur Aspback
    tanel dirtyness liiv
    Hippy Ricky Rickster
    lukasz LUKGR luka
    Mike Squeaks Arndt
    Spin Rep Pitt
    Boo Who You
    Darth Revan Reborn
    Victoria Danielle Murnikovas
    Pratahn Undercover Dwarf
    Vic Oskar Skaya
    Maya CatPro Denso
    robin darkrome vandeput
    Dominar Printul XVI
    ReNaTo PLaTiNaS GoMeS
    Baxter Bugsy Ewing
    Matthew Matt Graham
    Atos Nine Antes
    freak to Nay
    leo deathception diaz
    mara mara kyran
    CrissCross BillyJesusWorth AppleSauce
    R4 1M 31
    luxurious sir kosseur de nosfertus
    Noits Noits Bay
    Augestine Francis Zacharia
    Marcin Mart Spo
    Postalus PROMINT Ion
    Maximus Ferallempire Spartiatus
    Adi Biliwen Wen
    Dix Trencherman Handley
    Vamp vampdavis Davis
    dai tril0k shin
    Shildas Shilda Shilds
    Kiara Moon Kindred
    emma jessy crow
    WuFei WuFei Chang
    Malachi Al Noenel
    leene leene fr
    youssef killerbees lefou
    Rebecca Snow Taylor
    Johny Razor Speedy
    Tont tonttont tont
    Ashby A-Dog Nova
    Khaladhen Khal Kilcannon
    Thererosol The Gimp Magina
    Carmen XXX Electra
    Mooney TheMoonman Malone
    suzanne trifle gizmos
    Im Hitman guys
    Janko SuperKanjo vd Haak
    Enpeba kike xp
    Cyco Kick Maniac
    Andrew agalvayne Galvayne
    Haris DarkNaiad Kon
    Delicious Ajvar Sauce
    Anders LS Nilsson
    Zorromous Astromega Magininty
    Your NightMare ItsMe
    Tormented Stoned Angel
    Zero no Louise
    John dude Doe
    Alex Summertime Popov
    Goddess Tiffany Aphrodite
    Herre Herre Tribunal
    Elf Elf Winters
    Maxel FluffKnuckle Sharpy
    Little black-kobalt Star
    Katla Vulkana Vulkansdottir
    French DocAlien Killer
    darlas darlas dark stone
    Dan TheManWithThePlan Kae
    Noz Deadmanwalking Du please
    Hellbound Happy Heathcliff
    anthony pepe pepe
    Axis Dragon Lionheart
    Urnot in Danger
    Noah WiFi Mayem
    Nuno BlindSnake Moiteiro
    vitor rotiv3tuga zezere
    Activated Insanity Carbon
    corwin the prince
    Kiko Kiko Laimei
    Xarleen Shoshii Beru
    Rhagnar Rhag Thormilium
    The Mean Machine
    xXx MrUnderCover xXx
    Sunrise Bridgitte Sedai
    Peter Shogi1 Ci
    Mr Odyseo Angel
    Asmodai Xiau Turiacus
    Paavo PP Pesusieni
    Tomi jupiajo Digital
    Ice Icecold Mendoza
    Koh Maddog87 Col
    Valter Clown Agostinho
    Serena Sandy Mirelli
    Boo Buddby Nothing
    Skirmantas Pioter Danius
    Manny Hogfather Calavera
    Clock Work Orange
    Sam Papa Winston
    helene helena fra
    Helena Star Dark
    cesar tzzar entro
    Jim Jimbo Steinman
    Freegon Grading Maloon
    Sol Amen Ra
    Dragoon Style Slayer
    Night Toothless Fury
    zero age bro
    Nishi Azben Bayushi
    Archibald Nutbar Lucruze
    Ibu Bubu Abhi
    chris enzo enzo
    Fq Cloud Uto
    Lady Mysteria Nevrqwit
    AndrewIs YourDarkness Forever
    Rakkety Tamn Tamn
    Venus Ro Mi
    Affe Aframo Mr Afroman
    shaz batty ofnine
    Cosmic Legacy Unknown
    George DutchRider Baker
    mg Joda VVV VVV
    Chellinni Tr3i Fumuri
    Eoden Asmodeus Rydar
    Georgi Inqubus Sveshtarov
    John SonicHero1 Wick
    Natasja Nat Le Thon
    laurent thefrenchman Noixdecoco
    pinthas schmenke dorian
    Aklia Twocookies Lia
    Kirk Kinkie Hotwood
    Shin Tha Nin
    Ileana IleanaCosanzeana Cosanzeana
    Mćttču Cirrus Mérovée
    Agg Adelina Awe
    Skai Blondie Boai
    Aranthir Athal Lander
    Qayyus Que Quinn
    Pr OXY Me
    Keron Vokil Da
    Chellinni Tr3i Fumuri
    chaotic Iceman CL
    Jok star de PE LeMagniFiK
    Lamia Majora Pechunter
    Just The Iceman JTI
    Balam Balam TheKing
    night nighthells hells
    marc marcstef vanlint
    Aadu dRifteR Asi
    orik eragon knurla
    Flynn Kybo Kybo
    Andrew kroser Shambhu
    Sebastian Azgal Stork
    Tiberiuse Tiber Jerrelli
    Cheradenine Kyuss Zekalwe
    Mark Craftmeister Cheepos
    Ayumi Fuyo Miiko
    Chai Maichai Mai
    Akash Akashaxi Xi
    Alexander OhYeah Rashevskiy
    Abraxas Morzax Pazap
    Starwrathion Corestar Cor
    Jhan Delarea Freitas
    cd danger milligan
    BackBone Angelina Praias
    eddric massive slasher
    Erik Rufus Jurgenson
    Migozzi Migoz Chavez
    hasan kuuhaku abdulhasib
    Terra Zildana Europe
    Maria Tsunade Magdalena
    Soldier Tomashar TomiX
    debud po3blck avizov
    Nizan NizanAmar Amar
    Lucky Almostme Luciano
    Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu
    Slim Slam Shazaam
    Esko dcm jones
    tomam tomam rockefeller
    Mazais Turbo Skukjis
    Simon Great Great
    Sponzorusa Svaba Qrava
    Jar Jasis Sismondi
    Jackie Jammis Juniper
    Cremilde Travolta Simplicio
    Alex Guarana Kristoffersen
    Mike KingMike007 Hussey
    ASneaky Snake Man
    Vlad Graf Tepesh
    Princess Moose Elk
    Gechka Gechka Gencinis
    Cloudrider CR Stormbringer
    senedlodor sveltwolf cragan
    Magda Magda Skywalker
    John William Slayer
    alfen alfen 777
    LuckyLuke22 LL LL
    jacek baton kowalski
    Darnoc Kablam Resarf
    Suzionnne Suzionne SI
    Utility Gamer Droped
    Blaz Telboy Dezelak
    Forbidden FUID UserID
    Maarh Deadly Harcell
    Timofej timofeJKE Triumfov
    kondzio22 bonzol84 ken
    Rhag Rhagnar Thormilium
    Chris Babyface Gob
    Tom Max Spiner
    kenzo soporte00 uji
    Orion Enigma Entropy
    Uni chronos planar
    PigBenis Pig hateraid
    kir kirtak tak
    Henrik Bengha Bengtsson
    Amber Sweet Moody
    Green toker 1987
    Eyebroo Eyebroo Broken
    Eric Beston Jonson
    Sophia Angel Heart
    Lord Alpen TheGreat
    Joko Komodo Sukijo
    chaotic Iceman
    Karl Lex Revan
    Krillz Krillzoo Kazoo
    andreas bubba mayhem
    Shaolin Amathera Nightwish
    John Sawyer Sawyer
    Ueidi Storm Souza
    Mark ikaro Rothko
    YewHock Salohcin Seah
    Liga Gucis Berzina
    Serenia Sin T'sar
    Bafegox Assault Dragontear
    Mietek Psikuta Paciaciak
    Off Hojlund Trail
    Niklas Negolas Hedlund
    crush crushongyong overider
    Crypto Electroneum Currency
    Lester Les Story
    Cereal Cerealkiller Killer
    Chris Toph Clewell
    Qayyus Que Quinn
    Floyd Drool Velvet
    Leo BlueMan Morosanu
    Ford Atropos Focus
    Leo Deathception Diaz
    Etrama Ragde DiRaizel
    Tanashi Razalas Elm
    Panthra Horus Hamilton
    Rabonzo The Earthling
    Miriam Aspirina Sad
    marko grimreaper tapio
    Frida AND1 Fridis
    900 forest900 forest
    Rick Dee Dee
    Martin Tuckiiee Brinkhoff
    Imsin Sinstress Again
    Queen Bee Killer Bee
    Dace Infinity Ixius
    Dr ing George
    bambideath deathception durka
    Julius Julej Dasher
    Zaymin Kane Rautha
    Celeborn Celeb Andros
    Xx Purplebong xX
    Vladislav XoTTa6bl4 Kulish
    Don Crazyshadow Hunterz
    Brad LittleBear Berk
    Nicolas SquaLL LionHeart
    Czylar Ynigma Ledroux
    reginald regi237 penning
    maria micaela nurkkala
    Donnie shellum250 Shellum
    Ruori GreatSin Kenshin
    Chaz Doc Holliday
    CEF Esseduss & Solcar
    Sing Moonfish Sign
    KrupT KrupT RaveR
    Piki TheLast Leo
    dima MbITAPb75 dima
    Eke Limun Buraz
    Kamil Craiv Craiv
    jason copperbird lee
    Ayukamisaru Ayusaru Kamisaru
    Jade Kaliah Elite
    jealia lovelace lee
    Leroy Casper Hunter
    Toni Billthebong Montana
    Im Swordgod thelegend
    coconut CokeLines Purple
    Super Greenmonkey Man
    Optimus Krayzer Prime
    Askellard Aske Hallard
    Baelrahyn Bael Riverwind
    Penethol Junkman Bloodsteel
    Khaleesi Dragonmother Unburnt
    danis creader Gold
    Dante Dante Dark
    Solcar Pricey Lazroc
    SGT Pishaw D'Tir
    Karamel Au Chokola
    Lokiare Lokiare DarkBeard
    Ionel Darkstorm Tinjala
    Andova Andie the Wise
    Hank mchammer Hammer
    Kintrala Kintra Skorpio
    Frankie Franklon Meng
    Michael23 JK Park
    Lazer Lazz Nero
    Julius Julej Dasher
    amanda Alissanos robinson
    rookie bluu 12
    FrenchDede Killeuse GAF
    xardenia xardenia bla
    Lawrence entrozta Baptista
    Ray RayRay Rodriguez
    Lizzy Demon Storm
    Ranyard Rany Ranyhyn
    Elizabeth Artemis Black
    Ionut mind12si Gheorghe
    Tarr Tarr Maxus
    Claudiu Klayus Maj
    Amanda Mandy Swift
    Serephim Sereph Malachi
    xxx PurpleRain xxx
    Chris Tasoner Labrie
    M-J StaticR3AP3R D-B
    I3 Brokenmachine IVI
    Kirk DOS Lionhart
    Robert Keish Gaylord
    Biggerthanmost Esseduss Blackburn
    josef OHYZD pepanec
    Giuseppe Pino Ministeri
    Elendilas the Miner
    Alexander David Blood
    Ieuru Cervus Uramos
    Leena Lynx McFerlon
    Ivan SaintP Bespredeloff
    josef OHYZD pepanec
    Crypto Razvan bRO
    Ash Ashiya Northener
    John chaoz Anderson
    Viktor CCCPRUSSIAN Suschinskij
    Link Link propthet
    Soc noremorse
    RSG Founder Owner
    Phoenix Eternity Starfire
    Sir Darkpepe Pepe
    Gabriel Zeus Nostradamus
    Book Dad LBB
    Empress Em Sword
    Advait Goku Thavare
    Kevin Kev Escobar
    jurgen zamiria renier
    amale SuomiPoika isildur
    Black Caesar Hyperion
    Durhem Vampiress Red
    Bobby StarkyOne Sstarky
    xiphius jaxxiechan chan
    ash smasher phillips
    T33 Riehls T33
    Gambit GM Master
    milan milhauz68 kovac
    haCk mY sTyLe
    Chris Dakota Dors
    Malus Conty Brodus
    III tribalwind III
    Jessica Elitenerd Unknown
    Kiriku Mercator Surgun
    zero age bro
    Emilia EAMPT Almaphto
    Xavier Dethtrap Powers
    qixer qixer qixer
    jen jenm2011 mejia
    Sour effin Diesel
    dragon gdog rager
    curry eggsbacon cheese
    Kimmi Kimmi EFnet
    Kimi VipEr Hime
    Dougal Strae Laoch
    Gun KimBoom Kim
    Vladimir Wolsken Baumer
    Dougal Strae Laoch
    Stelios AKALYPTOS ntelinatsos
    Meya Mya Fernz
    Pawel Gibky Gibalsky
    Varian Gabriel Wrynn
    d4v1d41 Untrainstint41 s41
    Konstantin Avalonis Spiridonov
    Kevin kevinmc Mclennon
    Brute Sledge Hammer
    Entropian Empire
    Kevin kevinMc Mclennon
    jordan greenchzyx green
    Alavante Kulok Nicolaus
    Majkel Majkel Green
    Linas Lingarr Garunkstis
    Aranthir Athal Lander
    PedLess Freelancer Bumm
    Tonci Cena Vukasovic
    Eric Ghost Green
    Medb Lefty Lucy
    Bahb happy Silunt
    Cheese Jay Smooth
    Jonas Lovegun Johansson
    Cindi Pog Aya
    Skynet can't win
    Luna L9L Leonhart
    angie donna cole
    Mike Peanut Stine
    Tameron Cutter Othello
    Mighty Luu Buu
    Ayla Talendar Estrella
    Cho Cho Wolf
    Larsss Lar XXX
    Raven Lunchbox Palehorse
    nick timegazer messner
    Nigel Deatz O'Guiness
    Brynjar Deadeye Lothbrok
    Karlos Gringo Gringos
    Borken Iron Cannibal
    Ich Pariah eben
    Jimi Seitsmes Herb
    Bill Kazzaro Kowaski
    Tyyryk Twix Wyrmslayer
    Blade of Slash
    Balint Bleib Papp
    Migariah MA Arcano
    Brian Delerose Delerose
    Tony urza VonCult
    Cristian jadengxc Hernandez
    Michal Michowski01 Martyn
    Stephen Seb Pratt
    Zitti Bonjack Kaspelsky
    YunSeong Wolf Kim
    [R]P1 - Vamps Campers
    Horst Taldur Wittig
    Ayrelia Relia Darkright
    Kit Catulhu Kat
    Henrik Retrorer Musashi
    The Black Scorpion King
    Budo Munchies Chophop
    Aeldreda Neeyala Sparrow
    sora106 bussha green
    kirker kirkork pumpaper
    Martin breckan pettersson
    Andreea Bad Girl
    Charlene Ghauri Softkey
    Joshawa PureFlux Tate2
    Mike Peanut Stine
    herc R'tyche inablue
    white psycho beast
    Eon Neo Neon
    stuart GAMBLE gamble
    cookie CookieCrusher crusher
    Annang aaw Widiantoro
    Mathi Steppenwolf McFly
    Velda Glamlys Shackfetter
    Kim EvilGodYun Hajin
    john lockside lock
    franck sweetyxx MORE
    bujako Xvirus bujako
    ={Entropia France}=
    Oleg Oleg McMullery
    Janice Bernehli Joppppline
    CotS: We do it for the Cookies!!
    Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu
    Tiis Tsuro Uro
    Dragon DJ Jones
    Spartaner 397 Charlie
    Aldreada Taida Red
    Anora Tulip Cross
    Da pwningnubsta Nub
    Rush Queue Acunig
    Mark Rufen Power
    Marcus Macke Ekstrom
    Caravan Dumitru Adrian
    Anger Mortal Sin
    Rick robotechmaster Hunter
    Sven Melbus Christensen
    Lisa Ly Ericson
    Clareeence TheLarence Treeprotector.
    Supreme Lord Lorenzo
    Arwen Arwen Udomiel
    -=RoR=- SWUNT
    Jim Mepparn Brownbean
    Yoji Fransson Wittekind
    marco ItIsCo Jansen
    HellSpawn HellSpawn Satans
    DK Killing dry Ambulimax
    Monroe Zetec Mance
    Nicci Kayly Starr
    Sholle Von Cartiz
    Kassandrea Kiryou Kell
    Legendary MastaJ MastaJ
    Harvey MangJuan Balais
    Gente Madman Malparido
    Jan van Darra
    arttu arttu97 mehtonen
    Din Dindom Dindazzle
    Diaochan Diaochan Beauty
    Demigod Gaming Aadek
    Undead Mario Evilone
    Maximilian Pain Wilhelm
    Snazz SP Artwick
    ilani The Rabbit
    Crypo Brolin69 ManiacRO
    Matt Spirax Smith
    Cedrick Lem Wales
    Matthew Matt Graham
    Mal Malard Long
    Savya Savya Sweetwater
    Askellard Aske Hallard
    Heidi Hatatfatcat Stassinopolis
    Kbone Koyo Sim
    Ra Lonebrothers La
    Rhay Rhayven van Helsing
    Janu Janu90 Suasnabar
    Riley Shädouken Rocket
    Noss Nossi MoriatiI
    Cornelius Centurio Centurio
    Garth Turelis Jansen
    Kelsey KelseyHunts Minks
    Jsmes Nijaashh Solano
    Viera Hunt Squad
    Myea Cuddles Lockheart
    Physical Graff Graffiti
    Giovani Bloodstalker Rodrigues
    Aleksey PnwMaki Plukhov
    Willard Phule Phule
    -L- LastOne Lawliet
    sao s3xy-katana saO
    Kain Dee Nakamura
    The DeathFire Man
    wake danysis meup
    Buckaroo Buck Banzai
    amale SuomiPoika isildur
    Biggus wookie Wookus
    Rabonzo The Earthling
    Justin Talon Hen
    Garth Turlis Jansen
    Warren Buffet OfEntropia
    Dakanti Dazz Mann
    Bboy teck yew
    Theswagshowtv Swag swag
    Leo Deceneu Lucas
    Dom dominator dufay
    Mactruck Jmac Hunter
    Ben Max Gamer
    Flinter Raven Hex
    Sahmael Sambo Starscream
    Arrei ExtraRice Illescas
    Gaberiel Gabby Nineteails
    Salerine Sal Theres
    Noa Noemia BlackWhite
    Dravaeus Callous Xedious
    Qatara Qatara Nurix
    Christopher Saulomengrundy Kringle
    Azoros Azo Frankenstein
    Johan Mio Copper
    Jane Adi Bantuiala
    foudre Roswel nulpart
    Ziminar Zim Darksoul
    Dex Amino Trose
    Leshrac Holynight Brevin
    Alvils Alv555 Berzinskis
    Bubba Slicker Crowley
    filipe castanhas fernandes
    Govinda Gopaala Krishna
    stuart GAMBLE gamble
    Lyrisiana Lyz Zianac
    Christopher Meshfire Jones
    Vex Solar Vortex
    Jack Zacco Delany
    sean rocket connors
    Mr Super Muis
    Luri UncleMo Nightshade
    Erebereberto Ma Fe
    Freddie Twilight Twilight
    chaz astro amp
    Chukano Wrench Crowbar
    Hego Damask II
    malick mac malstrom
    Mark Distorter Boki
    Jimbo Turkeys942 Baggins
    Jerry TheMan Smith
    Droideka Miyamoto Chan
    Alexis seanjohn Racing
    aNtuan GBK moRales
    WellPLayed Cod4 WellPlayed
    Bendorian Aedonisz Persgilyan
    Joe Baron-Martin Martin
    Agusia Misiackez Tulackez
    Tyberious James Arthur
    Grom Widowmaker Hellscream
    Drake Slade Corbett
    Ricardo Rick Sanchez
    Anastasia Ana Vela
    Billith Bugz Lee
    Beavis uhh Butthead
    Terry Taz Devil
    Crow DaCrow Moi
    Th3 Unique Nurse
    Teli Goodrich Fresh
    Richard RPM McKellev
    Maple Maple Syrup
    The Zanard Sand
    Kaira Banshee Shadowsong
    kkobilo kobilo kobilion
    marvin hellzone45 blair
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    Georgi Velizari Hristov
    Miguel Migi Nykvist
    cdrakken drakken dethstalker
    Lochlan Mordoch Douglas
    Madok Mad Weloi
    Conquistador Conq45 45
    Johannes J0Ml Micha
    Dex Amino Trose
    Tom Archy Bald
    Star Keccak Dust
    Alex AlphaWolf Sevilla
    Juan ElderDragon Shadow
    Vicky la Shoegaze
    Zharlane Huntress Maun
    El Diablo Pepito
    the stupid one
    Vicky la Shoegaze
    Monkey Lou-Cifer Lou
    lady-Vy lady-Vy lady-Vy
    Aristotle Razzar Riley
    Dragon DSR Sador
    DT Proto Chaos101
    Dilshad Dilshad Shaikh
    Tanner Teckus Alfano
    Mikael Mik Sevin
    Ava QT314 Besos
    Nickono QPower Kayunara
    Anjali Sweetheart Sharma
    Cortana Apathy IzSexy
    erik erikthred desousa
    Erik n friends
    Mimosa-56 Tainer Breizhion
    Tony T-Man Coop
    Michael Number19 Scofield
    Jack mansky Mansky
    Sarah SarahWatson Watson
    deo deo ingie
    Larry DuneEmperor Dunlap
    Gavin JAX Jackson
    Pontus Ripcraze Virus
    Rajecz Rajecz stealthy
    Jeppe lillfya falk
    ID ididthisforfun HQ
    Don Loco Diablo
    Crinson Crock Corleone
    Paxson Northsea Koh
    Zabadoodee Zab Xanthron
    Ein Coilshot Syha
    Justin MADSTORM Teespoon
    kayla mystique sinclair
    Matt MatKatt84 Katt
    RA Rockmeister Meister
    Kograth Kog Windstalker
    Patrick Pennywise Mcshakerz
    Justin MADSTORM Teespoon
    Dylan DoubleDown Dash
    Daniel dv vlad
    pablo pablo jasdfdsa
    iAmVast Vast Fam
    Rocky Addz Harley
    AzraeilAS Azraeil Ashai
    Roberto Robi Mikilini
    Wilburforce ColonelBuckshot Buckshot
    Angel Shadow Heart
    iAmVast Vast Fam
    Lord Vondur Steinmeyer
    Katerina Yngdrassil Ivanovna
    Dan FuRiouSOne Williams
    Alex DMC m1m
    The Fat Batman
    Ren ChildEmperor Jace


    LA 24 Hunting Squad ---------------------- Leader : Lia BhabyGurll Amores
    Cool Fire & Friends HoF Ambu ------------ Leader : Harmless Cool Fire Handyman
    LA 24 Mesa Verda Swunt Team ---------- Leader : Jessica Huge Starline
    Canada Reppin!! --------------------------- Leader : Major Legggzzz Canuck
    Freaki + Lizzy = HOF Time!! --------------Leader : FreakiBoy FreakiBoy Freakster
    LA24 Swunt 0090 ------ Leader : Kovacs Lifter Zoltan
    LA 24 Daily Swunt Team ------------------ Leader : Pristojna Jebacica Dama
    LA 24 AmBones swunt ------------------- Leader : Bare Barebones Bones
    LA24 Loot Masters ------------------------- Leader : Valdas MiskisM Wilde
    LA 24 Red Devil's team ------------------ Leader : Red Komojin Devil
    LA24 - Swunt Kings --------------------- Leader : Little Starchasing Moosy
    LA24 swunters elite --------------------- Leader : jealia lovelace lee
    Swunters of Los Angeles 24 -------------- Leader : dr. psych
    Ambus Still Got Loot ---------------------- Leader : Zarg Yn Dregor
    A team -------------------------------------- Leader : Untaxed UV Vehicle
    Operation Penetration --------------------- Leader : Union Of Souls
    Zurv & Oder --------------------------------- Leader : Velick Zurvick Freldin
    Untaxed UV Vehicle ------------------------- Leader : Untaxed
    Lucky & M8 ---------------------------------- Leader : Lucky Sky Vodka
    Unluckers from Czech republic ------------- Leader: Hanz desperado7 Becker
    we killed mr bean ---------------------------- Leader : Fama Sessan Fernz
    <3 Hunters <3 ------------------------------- Leader : White Sparkey Lighting
    Us -------------------------------------------- Leader : Darianna Daria Immish
    Ambulimax Headhunters -------------------- Leader : Anthony Asura Voza
    tt weapon amatuers ------------------------ Leader : Moore Brier
    ToMegaTherion ------------------------------ Leader : Diabolito ?
    LA24 escudo --------------------------------- Leader : Blades Bercebu escudo
    Mor & Dor having fun ----------------------- Leader : Moraine Lynn Troskald
    LA 24 viikate ------------------------------- Leader : marko grimreaper tapio
    Amigos --------------------------------------- Leader : Estella Ella Laizen
    ToMegaTherion ---------------------------- Leader : Diabolito Devil Lucifer
    Long Distance ----------------------------- Leader : Igor Iggie Kukovok
    LA 24 Ambuliswunt ------------------------- Leader : Lucho MUCHO Ireton
    DFA on LA24 -------------------------------- Leader : Killarious K-Max Maximillion
    Clan NEVERDIE Forever -------------------- Leader : Emil Carb Castr
    LA24 Swunt of the Ambus ------------------ Leader: Truus Angelina Dushi
    The Dark team ----------------------------- Leader : Ionel Darkstorm Timjala
    ** Call Us Meaby ** ----------------------- Leader : Pikku Hukka Nobo
    The Liquor Snurfs --------------------------- Leader : Sinharu DB Grimlock
    Wise Guys ------------------------------------ Leader : Will Newman Tisen
    Mag LA 24 ------------------------------------ Leader: Marc Mangous Saade
    Swuntvolution2015 -------------------------- Leader : HALO greatpeter Gypsy
    Danger24 ------------------------------------ Leader : Rogue Danger Acopolis
    LA24 Swunt-Zero ---------------------------- Leader : Lisa Zerocoil Lashes
    Amused To Death -------------------------- Leader : Mista Jagwarr Flayer
    la24 hunt ------------------------------------- Leader : Ulv Ulven En
    Hell Hounds ----------------------------------- Leader :ItWillBe ASilent Spring
    Ambuhead ------------------------------------ Leader: Oliver Twist Black
    Sunting Ambus ------------------------------ Leader: iviel iviel i3rooks
    LA24 Royal Ambu Swunt ------------------- Leader : Lord zbest ZBest
    Chiee Rocks --------------------------------- Leader : Lokiare Lokiare Darkbeard
    La24Ambulimaxswunt ---------------------- Leader : Jimmy Jimbobbityboo Bo-bobbity
    LA24 AmbuSwunt 400 ---------------------- Leader : Constantine Spencer Parker
    "Triggerhappy" ------------------------------ Leader : Jonas Jonny Shaiya
    Ambu Swunters ----------------------------- Leader : iviel iviel i3rooks
    Ambu Sweaters ----------------------------- Leader : iviel iviel i3rooks
    Team of the Doomed ------------------------ Leader : Doom Loonie Lunatic
    Great LA24 Swunt ------------------------- Leader : Zarah Kip Muddi
    ~ROYAL CLUB~ Swunt ------------------- Leader : Ima BadisX Bg
    Dragoon Style Slayer + team ------------ Leader : Dragoon Style Slayer
    "I am, Ambu?" ------------------------------- Leader : Cluck OwDamnit Norris
    LA24 ambu mayhem ------------------------ Leader : Spermer Mac Farmer
    Ambuback Ribs + Hof Sauce -------------- Leader : Camilla Cassandra Crimson
    TKoE - Tesla & Shade ----------------------- Leader : Javen Wardenclyffe Tesla
    Death Lords --------------------------------- Leader : Brok -En- Code
    dilans swunt --------------------------------- Leader : Dilandango Dilan Atomist
    Swunt Team Jane --------------------------- Leader : Jane Jettory Kent
    Lets global ------------------------------------ Leader : Jane Jettory Kent
    Hofi & Caillend @LA24 ---------------------- Leader : Alex Caillend Ceres
    Kill em all ------------------------------------- Leader : Chris Kiffy Mcculloch
    Fates Fortune ------------------------------ Leader : Tilaras the Fatemaker
    MoROsenii ----------------------------------- Leader : Leo BlueMan Morosanu'
    ~Royal Club~ ------------------------------ Leader : Gloria GoNi Nicestyle
    Lighthouse Rats --------------------------- Leader: Cunning Haruto Rat
    Swunt Masters ----------------------------- Leader : Isaac Isaac DEOB
    SKYCORP type /join #investment -------- Leader : Jenny Sky Fire
    DMG INC --------------------------- ------- Leader : Pixy Anticontra Blue
    Wiseman & Hegge -------------------------- Leader : Patrize Wiseman Wize
    Chuck Norris does OLA#24 ---------------- Leader : Chuck Burnz Norris
    Magnum Opus -------------------------------- Leader : Arangar Vagrant Melanwil
    Bixwill & Vagrant ---------------------------- Leader : Arangar Vagrant Melanwil
    CDG LA24 ---------------------------------- Leader : Daniel Torrad Gonzalez
    Lucky Us LA24 --------------------------- Leader : Estella Ella Laizen
    Team EHD ----------------------------------- Leader : Ábel s0me1 Énekes
    up and down --------------------------------- Leader : crowreaper crowreaper crowreaper
    RTr - BIG4440 ----------------------------- Leader : Skai Blondie Boa
    RTr - BIG23290 --------------------------- Leader : Safe set er
    Royal Fleet Society Hunt!! ------------- Leader : Balam Balam TheKing
    Royal Club ---------------------------------- Leader : Shin Tha Nin
    RC Ambu Swunt --------------------------- Leader: JanMichael Mikko04 Naraja
    drp zone ------------------------------------ Leader : Andy Dr Cisco Robbinson
    Fle & Amy ---------------------------------- Leader : Amidala Amy Vilado
    Entropiafund --------------------------------- Leader: Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    ={Entropia France}= ---------------------- Leader : Dante Ezekiel Primera
    Los que te Fua! ---------------------------- Leader : Francisco Lerys Freire
    Omerta Society Kicks A$$ ----------------- Leader : Daimler CrazyWolf
    BIG593 -------------------------------------- Leader : Victor Brick Vonn
    Ambu Swunters ---------------------------- Leader: Swampy
    Royal Club Ambu Swunters --------------- Leader: Swampy
    Clow Bros ----------------------------------- Leader : Semti
    Les cheveux dansants -------------------- Leader : benji benji le fort
    Survival Program ----------------------- Leader : Damian Depredador III
    Hunting Utopia --------------------------- Leader : Deus Skubahta Rui
    Silly Underground Family --------------- Leader : Killahbee Killer Bee Killahbee
    Random ---------------------------------- Leader : Triska23
    Royal Swunters -------------------------- Leader : Gloria Goni Nicestyle
    Hunt to Sell ------------------------ Leader : Gloria Goni Nicestyle
    Iala ma ------------------------------------- Leader : Dakota Silviu Tanuk
    CRT demolition ----------------------------- Leader : Lucky Almostme
    Big Fund ------------------------------------ Leader : Xvirus bujakov
    cant stop wont stop ---------------------- LEader : richard nero rahl
    sbd ------------------------------------------ Leader : Roman Shoo Shumberg
    KoBrA and Baltra on the run! ------------- Leader : Johny KoBrA Fighter
    ROUA Cadets Eco Hunt! ----------------- Leader - Johny KoBrA Fighter
    Q&A ----------------------------------------- Leader : Helen Quant Winterwolf
    Ambu swunters united! ------------------- Leader : Mark Distorter Boki
    Cuda's Royals ----------------------------- Leader : Cudic CudachiNi Cudic
    next one will HOF ----------------------- Leader : Azra Azazel Astarte
    Raven and Spike -------------------------- Leader : Kara RavenJade SummerWind
    Wyndi Wyndi Chelien -------------------- Leader : Vikings Kill team
    Masterminds swhunt glob x -------------- Leader : Celeborn Celeb Andros
    Sarven & Bulka ----------------------- Leader: Bulka Bula Peekay
    Gun Fever Hunt, by >> << ---- Leader : Gill Greed Gush
    Heal me up, Scotty! by >> << ---- Leader : Gill Greed Gush
    Elenas Fap Service ---------------------------- Leader : Elena Elena GAC
    Boo & Spud -------------------------- Leader : Boo Who You
    TIME TO HOF!!! ----------------------------- Leader: robin darkrome vandeput
    My Hamster Ate My Socks ----------------- Leader: Vic Oskar Skaya
    CCCPPP ----------------------------------- Leader : Vlad Graf Tepesh
    DFA on Chiee LAs --------------------------- Leader : K-max
    Ultimate Frozen Flame BIG30074 -------- Leader : Xanato Xan Kaso
    DMG Inc. --------------------------------- Leader : PR OXY ME
    Danger Noobs With Guns ------- Leader: Boo Who You
    Ultimate Goki Minefield OLA 14 --------- leader : ze-jo
    Fluffy Army ----------------------------- Leader : Maxel FluffKnuckle Sharpy
    Ooops they dont ---------------------------- Leader : Xarleen Shoshii Beru
    SwuntTeam ------------------------------- Leader : zero age bro
    "La Pandillita S.A. ----------------------- leader: Nishi Azben Bayushi
    Ambu Swunt ---------------------------- Leader: Fq Cloud Uto
    Team Royal Rumble ---------------------- Leader: Ibu Bubu Abhi
    RTr even more so! Bimmel-Zauber ------ Leader: Ruori GreatSin Kenshin
    RYAN SONIC Rtr HOF PFANNE ------------- Leader: John SonicHero1 Wick
    Henry's ATH Team ------------------------- leader: Henry BabyOxide Ha
    Ultimate Henry ATH Team BIG18738 ------ leader: Henry BabyOxide Ha
    FrenchDede & Dohkolibra ----------------- Leader : FrenchDede Killeuse GAF
    A-Team ---------------------------------- Leader : Serephim Sereph Malachi
    CEF Esseduss & Solcar ------------------- Leader : Biggerthanmost Esseduss Blackburn
    CCCP, ---------------------------------------- leader : Leena Lynx McFerlon
    Soc noremorse ----------------------------- Leader : Link Link propthet
    [READY] PLAYER ONE --------------------- Leader : Kimi VipEr Hime
    Entropian Empire ------------------------- Leader : Brute Sledge Hammer
    Skynet can't win -------------------------- Leader : Jonas Lovegun Johansson
    [R]P1 - Vamps Campers ------------------ Leader : Durhem Vampiress Red
    Bois ---------------------------------- Leader : Mike Peanut Stine
    CotS: We do it for the Cookies!! --------- Team leader : Kingu KinguXnoX Kingu
    -=RoR=- SWUNT --------------------------- Leader : Solcar
    DK Killing dry Ambulimax ------------------ Leader: marco ItIsCo Jansen
    Viera Hunt Squad ----------------------- Leader : bujako Xvirus
    Prots ---------------------------------- Leader : Stuart Gamble
    Erik n friends ---------------------------- Leader : erik erikthred desousa
    AF-RFC ------------------------------- Leader : Sven Melbus
    8675309z --------------------------- Leader : pablo pablo jasdfdsa
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    Oct 2014
    Gender | Ingame
    Male | Male
    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    Drop Zone
    reserved for future

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    Oct 2014
    Gender | Ingame
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    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    Drop Zone
    reserved for me

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    Oct 2014
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    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    Drop Zone
    yep one more!

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    Oct 2014
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    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    Drop Zone
    This is new event thread for replacing old one.

    Solcar Pricey Lazroc found a deposit (Growth Molecules ) with
    a value of 56 PED at Winter Park! Wed, 07 Aug 2019 09:32:15

    Solcar's 56 PED global match 7th day lottery number which was 0 5 6
    This means Solcar wins 10% of jackpot 2362 EF Points!!


    EF points scores updated in the sheet updated!
    Let me know if im missing you from list or if you notice there is misscalculations!

    Good luck everyone!
    Last edited by Chiee; 08-13-2019 at 07:31.

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    Oct 2014
    Gender | Ingame
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    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    Drop Zone
    Solcar Pricey Lazroc found a deposit (Growth Molecules ) with
    a value of 56 PED at Winter Park! Wed, 07 Aug 2019 09:32:15

    Solcar's 56 PED global match 7th day lottery number which was 0 5 6
    This means Solcar wins 10% of jackpot 2362 EF Points!!


    EF points scores updated in the sheet updated!
    Let me know if im missing you from list or if you notice there is misscalculations!

    Good luck everyone!

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    Oct 2014
    Gender | Ingame
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    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    Drop Zone

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    Oct 2014
    Gender | Ingame
    Male | Male
    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    Drop Zone


    EF points scores updated in the sheet updated!
    Let me know if im missing you from list or if you notice there is misscalculations!

    Good luck everyone!

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    Oct 2014
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    Toni Chiee Lahderinne
    Drop Zone
    WE have changed LA54 spawning PROTERON STALKERS atleast for few months now. Go see if you can handle them

    LA #54 - Atami's Proteron Paradise (21400, 45700)
    Mob: Proteron Stalkers (until we decide to drop maturity) & Chomper young to stalker
    Blausarium, Frigulite, Adomasite, Belkar , Lanorium, Dianum, Valurite, Zanderium
    Force Nexus, Angelic, Devil's Tail, Growth Moles, Acid Root, Henrem Stems,

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