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    BluePeer Healing Service

    What am I looking for?
    I'm looking for hunters who want to optimize their runs.
    So if you want to reduce losses in your runs by healing yourself and want to increase your damage, then you are exactly right with me

    if interested write me a PM Ingame

    Character Details
    Name: BluePeer (BluePeer BluePeer Sagara)
    Service: Healer

    Armor: Adjusted Pixie, Adjusted Harrier Assault
    Plates: None Currently

    Bonus Equip:
    -Divine Intervention Chip
    -Ares Ring, Improved+ 8% Reload
    -Thorifoid Berserker's Helm + 5% Reload
    +13% Reload in Total

    -Portable Repair Unit
    -Portable TT Unit
    -Sleipnir, space thruster

    Healing Tools All Maxed 100% skills no Waste
    Tool HP/s HP/pec Skilled
    Vivo S10 ~8.59 ~12.31 100%
    Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VI T3 ~12,075 ~20,7 100%
    Regeneration Chip 5 ~14.12 ~7.88 100%
    EMT kit Ek-2350-Modified ~41 ~25 100%

    Old Jobs/Streams?
    I do not stream all my healing work.
    But all my stream will be on Twitch (last 14 days) and Youtube TheBluePeer ( forever) archived

    What Does a Hunter Cost This Healing Service?
    Often get the question what that would cost

    I usually use the model consumption + donation (decay + tip)
    Depending on how much damage was healed by me, the cost varies depending on the level, equipment and which monster is hunted.

    The healing tools I use are generally more effective than the tools a hunter normally uses for self-healing. 2-10x cheaper, but are in the purchase also many times more expensive

    If a hunter with a regeneration chip costs 3Ped repair + ME, for example, he would only cost 1Ped decay for a 3x cheaper tool. at the same time he does not need to stop shooting to heal, this increases his damage per second / killing rate and reduces the kill costs of monsters with a high regeneration rate

    This advantage is usually rewarded by the tip

    A tip usually consists of 2 components
    The temporal, how long has been healed and the success

    How much you want to give for my time and whether or how high the bonus in a particularly successful round is you alone

    If several hunters are interested in my healing in the same time window, then I prefer the hunters who honored my performance better in the course of earlier work

    But ongoing jobs are not canceled just because a better offer is made by another hunter.

    My English is not realy good so mostly auto translator
    but my service x50 better ^^
    See ya Ingame
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    Good luck on your service , bump.
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    Again a few improvements
    reload speed upped to 13%
    and a new fresh Divine chip

    And i will try in the next days to Post if i am Online and Service Available with edit of state over the day in the Post
    Let us check if that makes sense or not ^^

    I am Out for Today gn8

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    Available for the next 5H

    Write me Ingame

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    Available for the next 5H

    Write me Ingame or look at Twitch

    Edit: off now gn8

    Edit2: Link fixxed
    Last edited by BluePeer; 10-30-2019 at 17:07.

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    Available for the next 6H

    Write me Ingame or look at Twitch

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    Available for the next 8H

    Write me Ingame or look at Twitch

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