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    PvP ingame event!

    On Sunday there is a 30min PvP event on OLA #65!

    Register free ingame to join the fun.

    "- Accumulate Ammo/Deterioration" Will make things more intresting.

    Remember the good old days of no loots and massive hofs

    I added 480peds of mining amps that i got on me also

    PvP @ OLA #65!
    Mob on the Area is Shinkibas max maturity.
    Not that agressive and go down fast.

    There are no loots from mobs in here during the event.
    It is disabled!
    If you want loot then you need to place top 3

    - Diasbled NavSat
    - Accumulate Ammo/Deterioration = on!
    - No Vehicles

    If the max health was a softcap mode like in mayhem then it would be intresting.
    But it is not.

    And removing armors. Well. Then we would run around oneshotting 24/7.

    They need to update the ingame options more to pvp events.

    disable enhancers, softcap health not banning everyone abuve the max.
    "indoor mining" mode to range on guns to 50%.

    There are a few options i would like to see
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    So, just enter with the biggest most uneco gun and shooot the air for 30mins and hope you get your money back?

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