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    Genesis niflhiem ready to tier 8

    Thinking of letting go my rare badass melee sword the genesis niflhiem. Only a couple ingame very rare to come on the market. 3rd strongest sword ingame.

    Incredible dps and life steal per swing. Fully loaded with 7 enh and VI amp ur getting anywere from 14-29 hp a swing with 8% lifesteal. Even more if u tier it or add a bigger amp. Crits ur getting 45-70 hp.

    Amazing skiller. Got me to mid 70s in swordman and in the 263 hp pritty fast.

    But most of all this sword allows you to hunt far beyond your normal comfort level due to its dps and constant flow of hp regen.

    Combined with even a simple adj resto your going to be getting just about mod resto heals per second.

    Only interested in selling if the offer is tempting enough, love using it so not going to sell it unless i get a serious offer.

    Send all offers via pm if interested. If its a stupid offer expect no reply.

    SOLD for 22000 ped.

    Accepting items as part trade. Heres a couple im interested in.

    Xmas ring 2019
    Imp resto
    Other season rings
    Shadow/PoE male set.
    Tgu 80 low tier.
    Rx optac

    Weapon comes at min tt under 1ped.

    Keep this thread clean and respectful. This is not a pricecheck thread.

    Goodluck and happy hoffing to all!

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    some offers recieved, uploaded some photos for some extra info.

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    Need to step up your game in halloween? Heres the sword for you.

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    Up for grabs for halloween. One mean swinging machine. Bump it up

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    Buyout reduced. Some nice offers coming in but with odd items as part trade.

    Items of interest may include.

    Imp resto.
    Imp hedoc.
    Imk2 low tier.
    PoE armor male.
    RX optac x1 or x2 male armor.
    Shadow male armor.

    Just to name a couple im interested. Higher value items will include ped added on my side.
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