Ready to offer unlimited sets of Cyrene armor.
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Improved B.E. (M) tt+500 (female variant is also available for order)
B.E. Pilot (M) and (F) tt+70
A.R.C. Ranger (M) and (F) tt+100
A.R.C. Guardian (M) and (F) tt+14
Silverstitch (M) and (F) - on request, the price is discussed

Excellent limit sets are also available for order:
A.R.C. Inaugurates (L) (M) and (F) 110%
A.R.C. Patrol (L) (M) and (F) 112%

Delivery to any planet - free of charge (within a reasonable time of course).
My ingame name [Alexander Aeolus Black]. Please all offers send to PM (forum or ingame).