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Thread: Red Ped Bank

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    Quote Originally Posted by User Name View Post
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    36,5% Interest ...


    How many idiots play this game to go for that kind of interest rate in nowadays world ???
    In this game, the bank system is worth to use if you need some ped for a short time.
    You dont take loans for 3-10 years here, you take them for days, a week, max a month.
    1000p loan for a week with this interest cost you 7p.

    i used the bank system only 1 times, found a good investment opportunity, but had no ped available, loaned ped from Twin Peaks bank for my gear, earned 2500p on it in a few days, got back my item with like 5p interest fee.

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    to Divinity

    First of all, im not on anyone's side, and sure would choose again Your bank over a trust based bank, but, i remember You also said You used to offer private loans if somebody ask you, you wrote that when you explained what happend in the tBANNA case.

    1. To give it to me directly as a loan with collateral ( which is done very often) especially when people have a chance to default or just want it to remain with me securely.

    Than, that is not the same, as this bank? Even if you own a real bank ofc.

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    If this actually is true.

    That anyone can start a loan service without a bank license then i do hope they have some sort of guarantee that they will start banning ppl that will end up stealing the items.

    Ban them and return the item to the owner again. Seeing that Swedish law says that you have to return the item to the original owner without getting money from it. The money you will have to claim from the one selling it to you.

    And if that person has been banned. Then what do they do with the money then?

    So this needs a bit more info than "it is ok from support" to get me personly to take out a loan from someone i do not trust 100%.

    Banks ingame have those things built into them and that keeps things safe for everyone else ingame.

    That is my thought about this service.

    If you want to do this... Buy a bank!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Divinity View Post
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    Can you post your support case that proves that you have asked and have permission for this ?? I have reference of support case i had reported someone for the same. Do find the support case attached alongwith for reference. Names and sensitive details have been marked out to protect naming/shaming clause of PCF.

    Direct link to image for those who cant see it here

    Name:  loanservice.jpg
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    Wow ok this is weird :S
    I will send another support case with the same words u used in your support case.
    Will update it once i hear from MA ( might be tuesday/wednesday ?? )

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    Unofficial loan services are not allowed in Entropia Universe. Thread closed.
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    If you have feedback or questions, please make a thread about it.

    I do not handle support issues and will generally not answer forum private messages.
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