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    Merry Mayhem UL male set! T2/3

    Never thought id sell this set as it was my dream armor ever since it was awarded in early days xmas mayhem. i watched in awe for years at people using this set with such success and style and thought one day i will own it, now that day has came and gone and im restructuring my game play so im putting this set up for sale.

    OLD style Merry Mayhem T2/3 -all ready to upgrade once tier upgrade becomes cheaper in the upcoming updates-

    a couple of things that stood out for myself.

    1: the style is similar to lion and sentenial and i think it looks incredible much more than 80%
    of the other armors in game.

    2: the mid to high range protection it provides is very versatile. handling 90% of the mobs in game
    depending on your skills and other setup, only downside it has basically nothing for robots protection.

    3: absolute perfect armor for CP mobs. if your other gear is upto par aurli queens and brood of all are downright laughable in this set as its acid protection is outstanding.

    4: its very high TT value of 1277ped means you can go a very long time without noticing the effects of a hunt
    and the need to repair it to sustain your hunt.

    its the perfect gap between angel and shadow in my own opinion if you have no intent on hunting robots in it
    -cheap set of vigi or mahketta in 6a's works fine as a side set when u feel the need for getting your ass shot-


    please keep this thread clean and respectful, this is not a price check thread. happy hunting to all.
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    Ofc plates and enh are not for sale.

    Pics have all defence enhancers in to show full potential with avg plates.

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    never thought id see the day bro, GL with sale. free bump .
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    Quote Originally Posted by raven69 View Post
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    never thought id see the day bro, GL with sale. free bump .
    Thanks mate =) bump it up

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    Bump it up. Xmas mayhem is easy in this armor.

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    Price drop to 18k till the 18th.

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    Bump it up. May accept some items as part trade

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    Can you add the selling price to the thread so the rest of us can have a reference for market value in the future?

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