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    Improved FAP FEN Edition OR Gyro FAP Improved

    The skillgains on both these faps are disproportionally high compared to decay. Both are also incredibly efficient (~60 heal/pec) and provides enough heal/sec for hunting the biggest mobs in the game or staying alive in PvP.

    Attention prospective Improved FAP Service providers!
    Improved fappers charging the normal going rate of 50 PED/hour are often seen standing around Zychion mindlessly spamming #fap channel looking for jobs and waiting for the moment when that glorious PM button finally lights up!
    Then they get a customer, and the service begins. The hunter feels pressured to make the most out of the hourly cost, so tries to line up mobs as efficiently as possible to shoot continuously. This can cost the Improved fapper upwards 35 PED/hour leaving the fapper with a pathetic profit margin and very few skills to show for it. Meanwhile the hunter loses his ass on the hunt and then has to pay 50 PED/hour on top, rubbing salt in the already sore wound.

    What if your business model was different?

    When you consider the previously mentioned skillgains on the Improved Gyro/FEN faps, it is easy to bridge the gap between potential and profit by the skills alone. Consequently you can run an Imp FAP service for decay with completely optional tips and no hourly fee, and watch the PM's fly in.
    Suddenly the situation changes. Hunters no longer feel like they are getting ripped off because they see what they are paying outright and they know they are getting it back in their loot anyways. Consequently most of the hunters feel much more generous at the end of the hunt and are likely to tip, resulting in immediate and realized profit.
    You can then double down your profits by chipping out some the skills gained and selling them, while keeping other skills for avatar progression.
    Now, as your client base grows, you can become selective about your clients instead of desperately jumping on every job that comes your way. You can choose to heal people you like best, or people who tip best, or both. Now you have the power to choose and still run a consistent and profitable business.

    To put icing on the cake, remember that healing is counted as a combat expense and therefor results in Looter skillgains as well as Codex mission progress. That's right, you can get mission progress on mobs you're not even capable of taking down yourself!

    Put the power of choice back into your own hands.

    Improved FAP FEN Edition: Tier 1
    Price: TT+40K

    Improved Gyro FAP: Tier 2
    Price: SOLD

    All reasonable offers will be considered.

    Items of interest: Mod resto, Christmas 2017/2018 ring, Eon (F), Shadow (F), Supremacy (F).

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    Want to schedule a day of skilling? PM me if you have appropriate collateral to take one of these crazy FAPs for a spin!

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    FAP service with these for decay + tips produces more net profit than the traditional rate of 50 PED/hour with a regular Improved FAP, and customers are significantly easier to find!

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    A friend took the Imp FEN out for some power-skilling yesterday. Whose turn is next? A rare opportunity to use these faps at no cost is here until one sells

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