a few suggestions

1) a lootable item without tt value that cuts auction fees for one offer by x%, would be an uncommon find I guess if x is like >25 but would be nice to have the chance at least for low to mid level players too. especially rare if tradeable I guess. And/Or an item that allows to quickly repeat an offer at auction in the won screen once without paying the fees again.

2) list similar to a favorite list that allows to quickly repeat a previous search text at auction, like "shadow", "armatrix amp" or a specific item name of course.

3) simply display if an item is sold by the avatar that originally looted or crafted the item, or even tell its whole length of history with a number (or the list of names even?). In the case of stackables there is the problem of merging with bought stuff, maybe the weighted average of times traded in that case.