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    Selling a few items...

    It's time for me to part with some items that have been collecting dust in my storage.

    Please message Gurg Trakkur Tassi in-game to make all offers.

    Tier 6.99 EWE EP-41 Military, Adjusted +3200

    Resellers welcome, all reasonable offers will be considered

    All prices are negotiable, PEDs preferred but I will consider item trades.

    Last edited by Gurg Trakkur Ta; 01-18-2020 at 01:20. Reason: Removed items and adjusted EP-41 price

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    :bumpity bump bump:

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    To the top with you!

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    back to the top...

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    One more time....please buy.

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    Added T3.99 Khorum Ice Dagger for sale. Thanks

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    No interest? Make me an offer at a lower price then...I'm reasonable.

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    Price change on EP-41

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